Infection Control - March 2021

Benzene Detected in 44 Hand Sanitizers

Highest level of carcinogen detected at 16.1 parts per million, more than eight times FDA limit


COVID-Free: Strategies for Success

Achieving goal during pandemic took strict adherence to infection prevention protocols


20 COVID-19 Cases at Duke Raleigh Hospital

Cases traced to fifth floor inpatient unit for surgical and cancer patients


Nurses Eyed When Microbe Spread Leads to Outbreaks

Study finds nurses more likely to be super spreaders of microbes primarily spread by hand


Mandatory Vaccinations Become Issue Among Employees

Senior living provider says mandating employee vaccination is imperative to protecting residents and other staff


Fears Stall Vaccinations Among Senior Care Community Workers

Safety, efficacy, newness of vaccine and distrust of government among the major factors workers cited


Senate Testimony Spotlights COVID-19 and Senior Care Communities

175,000 long-term care residents and staff have died of COVID-19 so far


Infection Researchers Eye Facility-Community Link

Study will focus on how facilities and the community affects spread of infectious diseases


COVID-19 Variant Strikes Nursing Home

Variant is not one of the common strains circulating in U.K., South Africa and Brazil


Community Risk Greater for Workers Infected with COVID-19

Strongest risk factor was known exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the community


OSHA Program Targets COVID-19 and Healthcare Facilities

Efforts will focus on companies that put largest number of workers at serious risk of contracting coronavirus


Arenas Look To Hospitals for Reopening Strategies

Efforts will focus on companies that put largest number of workers at serious risk of contracting coronavirus


PPE Use in Healthcare Should Continue: Survey

Most providers say PPE use should remain at same frequency in all healthcare settings


Facility Expands Access for Vaccinated Visitors

Visitors must provide a vaccination record card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


UVC Disinfection and COVID-19: Understanding Safety Concerns

UVC lights are stronger than sunlight and can cause adverse reactions in various skin types


Nursing Home Staffing Linked to COVID-19 Rates

High turnover among staffs likely contributed to number of deaths during pandemic


Rethinking Reopening: Group Advises Careful Approach

Vaccines, continued visitor screenings, and required masking and social distancing still advised


New Cases of COVID-19 Decline in Nursing Homes

From late December to early February, deaths have decreased by more than 65 percent


774 Hospitals Penalized Over Patient Infections

Hospitals will lose 1 percent of their Medicare payments over 12 months



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