Infection Control - May 2021

Disinfection in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Only 32 percent of 110,000 objects in healthcare facilities are thoroughly cleaned, studies show


COVID-19 Strikes Hospital Construction Workers

Contractors working in non-clinical, closed area of Molokai General Hospital tested positive


Fueled by COVID-19, Fungal Infection Impacts Long-Term Care

Public health officials concerned that pandemic has created unique opportunities for infections to spread


Engaged Management Key in Controlling Infections

Lessons learned about better control of HAIs can apply to other pathogenic outbreaks, such as COVID-19


CDC: COVID-19 Can Be Transmitted from More Than 6 Feet Away

Agency previously said most infections took place through close contact, not airborne transmission


Hospitals Driving Surface Disinfectant Sales: Study

High-level disinfectants have emerged as top-selling products in market


Surfaces, Sanitization and COVID-19: A Closer Look

Literature review focuses on ability of viruses to live on inanimate and inert objects



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