Infection Control - February 2022

CISA Sends ‘Shields Up’ Message to Healthcare Organizations

The message follows the U.S. State Department advisory urging Americans to leave Ukraine.


Health Centers Receive $55 Million To Expand Access

Funds increase access and quality for underserved populations through virtual care, such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring.


Tackling Dry-Surface Biofilm

Bacteria on damp and dry surfaces colonize with other germs to build a tough, protective biofilm.


COVID-19 Monitoring Evolves as Virus Spreads

As the nation continues to cope with pandemic, healthcare facilities seek new ways to monitor cases


Cleaning Strategies for Furniture, Furnishings and Patient Care Equipment

Pieces of hospital equipment most likely to spread infection are difficult to disinfect.


How Hospitals Can Tackle Pandemics with Technology

As admissions soar, environmental services departments continue to implement innovative solutions.



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