Information Technology - March 2022

Hospitals’ Body Cameras Help Fight Workplace Violence

CoxHealth hospitals’ security guards have started to wear body cams to help monitor workplace violence.


Why Healthcare Facilities Need to Update Their Software Systems

By not regularly updating software systems, healthcare facilities could be putting their patients at risk.


Healthcare Facility Infrastructure Changes for the Digital Age

Facility managers are now up to the impossible task of deciding when aging infrastructure needs to be updated, but how does technology play a role?


What Healthcare Facilities Risk When Patient Data Gets Exposed

There has been an uptick of cyberattacks against hospitals and other healthcare facilities, putting patients at risk.


How Will Technology Change the Way Healthcare Facilities Operate?

Manufacturers discuss the impacts and challenges of new technology on facilities


Incoming Technology Trends for Healthcare Facilities Management

Technology manufacturers discuss what trends to look out for in the coming years.


NIST Guide Targets Cybersecurity for Telehealth

The guide aims to help identify risks associated with remote patient monitoring architecture.


How to Gain Patient Trust with New Technology

New technology aims to improve the quality of patient care, but many patients are wary to try new products without seeing previous results.


Now is the Time to Improve Cybersecurity Protocols

As hospitals and other healthcare facilities invest in new technologies, it is essential that managers stay on top of cybersecurity.


How Will Technology Change the Healthcare Industry?

With more software and technology being implemented into healthcare facilities, many wonder how the industry will change.



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