Infection Control - May 2023

How Touchless Soap Dispensers and Nursing Station Hand Sanitizers Affect Germ Spread

Soap manufacturers discuss how both play a role in preventing the spread of germs.


Study Shows Air Purification Reduces Healthcare Acquired Infections

Indoor air quality is heavily affected by both HVAC systems and filtration.


How Healthcare Facilities Can Ensure Handwashing Happens

Soap manufacturers join to discuss the importance of medical staff washing their hands.


COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Ends – What Now?

Three years after it was first put into place, the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ends.


Antibiotic-resistant CRAB Contaminates Entire ICU in Hangzhou

Of 35 positive patients, 14 acquired CRAB during their stay in the ICU.


Infection Prevention Is Not Always at the Microbial Level

The guiding principle is to always remove the obvious, visible soil.


AHCA/NCAL and APIC Launch National Infection Prevention Forum

The Forum aims to help facilitate dissemination of the latest information on infectious diseases.


Seattle Hospital Battling Klebsiella pneumoniae Outbreak Since October

Hand washing plays a critical role in reducing spread of infection.


Bacterial Infection Outbreak at Virginia Mason Medical Center

The outbreak has been going on since October 2022.


Is ROI More Important Than ROL?

Hospitals should not place the value of a return on investment (ROI) above the return on a life (ROL) saved by a patient care environment that is safe, clean and disinfected.



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