Infection Control - June 2013

Benefits of improved hand dryers increase their popularity, use in facilities

Some of the benefits facility managers see in installing hand dryers include financial savings, green and sustainable capabilities, and improved hygiene.


Well-crafted equipment rental contract vital to facilities project management

No matter the equipment in question, facility managers can deliver a successful rental project by ensuring the rental agreement is clear, comprehensive and effective.


Floor care equipment can contribute to LEED certification

As the sustainability movement continues to flourish, more custodial managers are demanding environmentally friendly products to satisfy in-house green initiatives, as well as earn credits toward LEED certification.


Climate, weather conditions factor into roof coatings decisions

Choosing a roof coating best suited to a facility's local climate can be the difference between a failed application and one that delivers energy savings and prolongs a roof's performance life.


Housekeeping Solutions 2013 Reader Survey reveals industry trends

The annual reader survey from Housekeeping Solutions is now available, and this year's results offer insight into management priorities, budgets, green and sustainability practices, and more.


Digital wayfinding improves hospital navigation, patient experience

A new generation of technology-driven wayfinding tools is being used by hospitals nationwide to help guide visitors to their destinations while contributing to a more enjoyable hospital visit.


Maximize efficiency with best practices for overcoming common cooling tower issues

While the type of cooling tower installed and its operating environment determine the issues facility managers must address to keep the tower operating efficiently, managers also need to consider a number of common issues most tower operations face.


Changing environment prompts idea for professional water certification for facility managers

For decades, the facility manager and engineer considered water to be just there when needed. This has been changing, and it may be time to give facility managers the option to earn a professional water certification by learning how to be more efficient.


Free webcast prepares managers for surprise inspections in healthcare facilities

Healthcare Facilities Today will host a free webcast June 25 at 1 p.m. Eastern on how to prepare for a surprise inspection in a healthcare facility.


Tips for choosing the right drain-cleaning equipment for the job

The task of keeping drains, piping and plumbing systems open and flowing in institutional and commercial facilities is challenging and unending.


COBie can be effective tool to aid FMs in asset management, operations

As more tools adopt COBie, it is important that facility management, architecture, engineering, and construction teams have processes in place to effectively use the tools available.


Webinar targets best practices for network infrastructure in healthcare facilities

The one-hour session, "A Healthy Infrastructure: Intelligent Enterprise Solutions for the Healthcare Environment" will be broadcast June 26 at 2 p.m. Eastern.


Expert: Healthcare facilities can adopt update of Life Safety Code without hardship

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission prepare to adopt the 2012 Life Safety Code, the effects on facility managers in healthcare facilities will me minimal, and at any rate positive, according to a presenter at the NFPA Conference and Expo.


Technical systems, occupant behavior both play roles in fire, life safety planning

Many facility managers focus on the technical systems involved in fire and life safety preparation, but understanding how building occupants are likely to behave in an emergency, and taking steps to ensure that their actions help, rather than hinder, everyone's safety also is critical.


Assessment of roof condition aids in decision to repair or replace

Performing a roof-condition assessment can be beneficial when deciding whether to install a new roof or repair an existing roof.


Hurricane Sandy prompts new considerations for data center resiliency

Hurricane Sandy, the second costliest hurricane in U.S. history, is a lesson in how the best-laid contingency plans can be shredded in no time when an extreme weather event hits.


Healthcare facilities should review disaster readiness; create master plan

Due to recent disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, it may be time for healthcare facilities to take a look at existing disaster readiness plans and see where gaps and loopholes might exist.


BIM and COBie can help make the most of CMMS systems

Increasingly, managers are seeking ways to take advantage of emerging technology tools to enhance the power of their computerized maintenance management systems.


BIM and COBie can help make the most of CMMS systems

Increasingly, managers are seeking ways to take advantage of emerging technology tools to enhance the power of their computerized maintenance management systems.


Facility managers can take steps to ensure proper floor installation

Flooring installation failures are an increasing problem that can be costly and time-consuming, but there are actions facility managers can take to ensure proper installation.


How to create an accurate payback calculator for a water system upgrade

Because water system upgrades are typically expensive, the payback for performing them needs to make financial sense.


ASHE endorses commissioning practices for better healthcare facility efficiency

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) is increasing its efforts to promote facility commissioning to its members as a way to get leaner and more efficient buildings.


Consider all factors when making decision to replace building chiller

Moving cautiously is important when facing the potential costs and disruption associated with a chiller replacement, but there are other factors that must be taken into consideration.


Carpet longevity in facilities depends on proper extraction methods

While carpet extraction might seem like a straightforward process, doing it improperly can actually make the carpet dirtier faster.


Tips for choosing the right standard protocol for building automation needs

A system that uses open or standard protocols gives facility managers the flexibility to use products from different manufacturers, but no single protocol is the best for every application, experts say.


LED lighting gains popularity as versatile option for healthcare facilities

As healthcare facilities professionals seek to boost overall efficiencies in operations while facing tight budgets, lighting is one area that can be tapped for definitive savings, thanks to new technologies such as LEDs.


Matting standard helps cut down slip, trip and fall hazard at facilities

A floor matting standard from the American National Standards Institute and National Floor Safety Institute provides guidance on floor mat selection, installation, and care and maintenance.



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