Cleaner - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

3 Nuances of Cleaning and Disinfection in Healthcare

Bleach Study Sends Unneeded Shock Waves

When to Use Cleaning Chemicals or Germ-Killing Disinfectants

How to Choose the Right Disinfectants

How Flooring Acts as a Mode of Infection Transmission

How Flooring Impacts Healthcare Facilities

Why and Where Do Healthcare Facilities Need to Disinfect? 

What Disinfectant Labels Really Mean

Fit for Purpose Disinfection: A Closer Look

Some Michigan Hospitals Boosting Minimum Wage

Study Finds Educating Cleaning Staff Lowers C. diff Infections

Inspection After First Covid Case Finds Va. Hospital Staffers Failed To Clean Hands And Equipment

New certification issued for janitors helping to fighting COVID-19

Environmental services workers find spotlight during Covid

Housekeeper helps save COVID patient's life

Infection preventionists, environmental services staff urged to work together

Avoiding the hidden costs of environmental services staff injuries

Environmental services' role goes beyond cleanliness

Many common cleaning products reported effective against COVID-19 virus

Products to fight COVID-19

Cleaning strategies during coronavirus pandemic

Pandemic will change how environmental service teams operate

UV's effectiveness can depend on EVS department's effectiveness

Hospital exec goes from housekeeping to vice president

Vermont hospital, community college partner on EVS training

Embracing the IoT-equipped restroom

Environmental service department leaders urged to embrace change

Dry hydrogen peroxide: A novel delivery of an effective microbial reduction agent for environmental cleaning

NHS hospital cleaners will also be feeding patients

How to validate a cleanroom cleaning regime

Improving health and hygiene with data-driven cleaning

Napping hospital custodians’ firing puts focus on worker fatigue

ES department uses simulation program to polish skills

'Heart of Healthcare' winner goes extra mile for patients

Nurse describes patient's cleaning liquid death

AHE announces 2018 Environmental Services Department of the Year Award winners

Namibian healthcare 'spotless' after national cleanup

Winter Olympics will have robots to do the cleaning

Common misconceptions about QAC

Case study: The role of environmental hygiene in lowering hospital infections



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