Furniture - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

Furniture Manufacturers Predict Interior Design Trends

Each Piece of Furniture Plays an Essential Role Within a Healthcare Facility

How Designers Prioritize Safety When it Comes to Furniture

Why Healthcare Facilities Must Prioritize Furniture Decisions

Furniture Decisions Play an Important Role in Behavior Health Facilities

Ohio children's behavioral health facility designed for safety without intimidation

Copper beds cut surface bacteria

Connectable hospital bed designed for patient safety

Healthcare looking at new seating options

Four ways accommodating furniture is making society more inclusive

Medical Seating Manufacturer Marks 25 years of Significant Growth

Case Study: Bluewater Health renovation

Medical recliners can help providers with ACA requirements

Material choices crucial in behavioral health setting

Project Solutions: Incorporating furniture, fixtures, equipment and technology into a new facility

Technology-enabled furnishings bring more function to the forms

Furnishing in a health care setting should offer comforts of home

Technology-enabled furnishings can enhance the patience experience

Maintaining attractive design elements key to patient satisfaction

Health care reform era furnished by efficiency, durability



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