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Biden Administration Takes on Nursing Home Transparency

Senior Housing and Care M&A Activity Hits Record Highs in 2022

Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection Found in Mississippi Senior Care Facility

COVID-19 Pandemic Leaves Lasting Impact on Senior Care Facilities

Senior Housing Occupancy Rate on the Rise

Senior Care Facilities Suffer From Staffing Shortages

The Reason Behind the Luxury Senior Care Facilities Boom

Safety Features Remain Critical for Senior Care Facilities

$11.3 Billion Needed for Nursing Homes Staffing 

Assisted Living Facility Market Expected to Grow in New Year

Nursing Home Management Sued for Financial Fraud

Ensign Group Acquires Colorado Senior Care Facility

New York Governor Signs Legislation to Help Spread of Infections in Senior Care Facilities

How Luxury Senior Care Facilities Create a Community Between Residents

Nursing Homes to See Tougher Federal Oversight

Senior Care Facilities Acquisitions Dropped in Third Quarter

One Dead, Several Injured After Explosion at Retirement Home

States Strengthen Assisted Living Regulations

Private Investment Needed to Improve Skilled Nursing Facilities

Staffing Woes Still Plaguing an Already Hurt Healthcare Facilities Industry

COVID’s Influence On Senior Care Design Trends

Black Nursing Home Residents Transferred to Hospitals More Often

4 Investments All Senior Care Facilities Should Make

Top Areas to Keep Clean in Senior Care Facilities

Philadelphia Nursing Home to Close by Year End

Senior Care Facilities to Provide Safer Environment for Residents

Senior Care Facilities Aim to Restore Image After Negative Press

Senior Care Facilities Still Facing Staffing Shortages, Economic Crisis on the Horizon

Increased Stay Lengths and Limited Staff Hurts Senior Care Facilities

Nursing Homes Face Ongoing Economic Troubles 

Senior Care Facilities Strive to Make Improvements to Satisfy Residents

Independent Living Communities Offers Residents Luxury Amenities

Next-Generation Senior Living Design Focuses on Connection

Independent Living Expected to Expand

Hundreds of Senior Care Facilities are Projected to Close in 2022

WISE Initiative Aims to Improve Senior Care Environments

Data Finds that Change of Ownership is More Common in Nursing Homes than Hospitals

Construction Prepares Retirement Community for Hurricanes

Congressman Calls for Investigation of ‘Horrific Practices’ in Nursing Homes

Nation’s Nursing Homes Need Sweeping Changes

Healthcare design for elderly focuses on homelike environment

Unpaid janitor, cook stayed with abandoned nursing home patients

Nursing homes, long-term facilities behind in EHR


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