Pest Control - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

Pest Management's Role in Patient Safety

Dead Rat Remained in Clinic After 2020 Inspection

Arizona VA Nursing Home Closed Due to Rat Infestation

Why Your Facility Needs a Pest Management Plan

Bed bugs found in Toledo adult care facilities

N.Y. nursing home cited after maggots found in patient wound

Flies a problem again in N.H. VA operating rooms

VA regional director on leave after dying Georgia veteran found covered in ant bites

N.Y. hospital restricts access due to bedbugs

Ant infestation at Georgia veterans facility is being investigated

Glasgow hospital spends more than $500,000 to kill pests after pigeon droppings crisis

Cancer patient's room infested with bed bugs at Detroit Hospital

Arizona woman claims she found bed bugs in daughter's hospital room

Visitor says she was bitten by bedbugs at Columbus hospital

Green roofs attract more than good feelings and LEED points

Bed bug histamines persistent in infested areas

Calif. healthcare facility ED has bedbug emergency

Hospital criticized for fox extermination plan

VA patients allegedly given trays of food with cockroaches on them

Pa. healthcare facility deep cleaning after bedbugs found

Finding pest activity in healthcare facilities

Bed bugs, bite risks and healthcare facilities: What every manager needs to know

Hospital trust called pest controllers more than once a week last year

Diversey Care to Distribute Spectrum Brands and Nakoma Products Consumer-Branded Solutions to the Professional Market

Pest control in healthcare facilities

Canadian scientists find key to trapping bedbugs

Florida nursing home cited for rats

Prevent winter pest problems

Edmonton hospital fighting influx of flies

'Mouse ridden' New Jersey facility gets clean bill of health

White paper offered on sustainable pest management

Recognizing signs of bedbugs

Honolulu ambulances delivering bedbugs

Hospital cited for fleas

Insect problem, other issues reported at Connecticut VA

Bat colony removed from South Carolina hospital

Integrated pest management key to keeping healthcare facilities safe

Squashing bedbug myths

Florida and Ohio healthcare providers honored for environmentally friendly pest management



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