Waste - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

Raw Wastewater Energy Transfer System Reduces Hospital's Emissions

Medical Waste Becomes More Worrisome for Healthcare Professionals

EPA Guide Targets Hazardous Waste in Healthcare

Group Calls out Concern for Medical Waste During Extreme Weather

Medical Waste Management on the Rise

Properly Disposing of Medical Waste Plays a Role in Climate Change

Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Red Bag Waste Containers

ER Waste Generation Examined

Managing COVID-19 medical waste

Cleveland Clinic manages its medical waste with color coding

What you need to know about new standards for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals

Common improper hazardous waste management practices

Scottish hospital porters handle clinical waste during protests

Company diverting unopened healthcare products from waste stream

Healthcare facility renovation addresses patient experience

S.D. hospital says it has taken immediate action on medical waste protocols

Tips for pharmaceutical waste management

Sewage leaking from Winnipeg hospital

Life Safety Q&A: Trash cans.

Disposing of fluid medical waste

Naples healthcare facility dumping chemical spill into creek

Biomedical Waste Solution Offers Disposal Services for Small and Large Healthcare Systems

Five mistakes healthcare professionals must avoid with their medical waste disposal

Healthcare Providers Trust Choice MedWaste

28 Indian facilities chosen for medical waste disposal

New York Hospitals Tackle Zero-waste Goal with Help from EnviroPure Systems

Tips for medical waste disposal

SP Industries Introduces CP-2102: High Density, Dual Cylinder Stationary Compactor

Sierra Leone rebuilds healthcare system with eco-friendly medical waste disposal

Oregon hospital fined for mislabeling hazardous waste

Case study: NHS Trust - Bath recycling

EPA updates hazardous waste pharmaceuticals standards

EPA developing proposal for hazardous waste pharmaceuticals

Nebraska Ebola unit shares waste removal best practices

Millions in unused medical supplies tossed annually

Waste containers Q&A

U.S. nearing solution on Ebola waste issue

Feds may be lowering safety standards for Ebola waste

Health system initiative to reduce red-bag waste

Experts say US hospitals unprepared for Ebola waste

Waste-treating autoclaves getting more efficient

Greening your healthcare facility

Green waste management can save money

Sudbury nursing home sued over septic system

Pakistan makes medical waste top health priority

Controlling hazardous material circulation in healthcare facilities

Medical waste management training portal launched

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to 're-educate' staff about waste disposal

Medical waste found in Pennsylvania landfill

Philippines medical waste improperly handled

Alternatives to incineration sought for medical waste

China's medical waste piling up

University of Utah hospitals rethink waste practices after protests

St. Thomas hospital cited for medical waste violations

Residents protest Utah medical waste incinerator

Six steps for a successful waste management program



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