HVAC - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

University Hospitals faces lawsuits over lost embryos

Safety precautions for hospital construction projects

Hospital cancels surgeries due to dust mess

HVAC systems – replace, repair or upgrade?

Maintaining a reliable and efficient HVAC system

Study explores microbial colonies in ORs

Hospital's HVAC upgrades benefit from in-house expertise

HVAC experts suggest natural ventilation be allowed in most spaces outside of operating rooms

Eight dead in Florida nursing home left with no A/C after Irma

Bell & Gossett Highlights Leadership in Efficiency at 2017 AHR Expo

Some surgical facilities are seeking alternatives to forced air warming

Denver Health upgrades regional Ebola treatment center

Johnson Controls introduces Verasys controls system, first plug-and-play solution that integrates HVACR equipment and controls​

RAE Corporation Implements 2017 Price Increase

Adiabatic humidification systems OK'd in healthcare facilities

Fujitsu’s General Solution Center Opens on Broadway

Maximizing cooling tower technology for HVAC, power and industrial applications

International Exposition Co. Announces 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners

2017 AHR Expo The World’s Largest HVACR Marketplace

OptimumEDGE Makes HVAC Energy Efficiency Easy and Affordable

Kentucky healthcare facility balances energy efficiency, infection control

Hospital upgrades ventilation with exterior system

Operating room 'a sauna' after air conditioning malfunction at Pennsylvania healthcare facility

HVAC burnout causes week-long EHR outage

Rush Health Systems selects VRF zoning for fifth time for Choctaw General Hospital

Hospice UV installation cuts HVAC maintenance costs and increases IAQ

Infection control a high priority for healthcare facility managers

Planning for disaster and power recovery

HVAC systems for healthcare facilities

R.I. healthcare organization repurposes manufacturing space

HVAC considerations in hybrid OR design

Rediscovering integrated building systems

Hospital expansion goes with copper piping

Air flow path matters in patient rooms

Hospital infection control: reducing airborne pathogens

ASHRAE continues work on Legionellosis standard

Variable refrigerant flow zoning a flexible option for healthcare

HVAC, power contingency planning offers peace of mind

Consistent condensate drainage key to healthy hospital

New ASHRAE reference guides hospital HVAC design

New research explores hospital indoor air quality and infection control

Regular HVAC maintenance practices help improve energy efficiency in chillers

Ventilation strategies can mitigate HAIs from isolation rooms

HVAC Motors Increase Energy and Dollar Savings

Rooftop unit

Variable-refrigerant-flow units


Intelligent Pumping System

Rooftop Unit Controls

In-line Pumps

Cooling Tower


Desiccant Wheel

Centrifugal Compressor

Operating Room Ceiling System

Chiller-tube cleaner

Tankless Water Heater

Air diffusers


HVAC Load Reduction

VRF Zoning Systems

Chilled Beam

VAV Controller

HVAC/R Pumping System

Commercial Rooftop

Aisle Containment

Rooftop Units

Portable Heat Pump

Heat Pump System



Heat Pump System Integration

Pump System

Centrifugal Chillers

Air Filter

Integrated HVAC Controls

Rooftop Unit


Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioner


HVAC Control Systems


Blanking Panel

Air Filter

Variable Refrigerant Flow System

Fuel Recirculating Systems


Active Chilled Beams

Active Chilled Beams

HVAC Mobile App


Heat Pumps

VRF Zoning Units

Wall-Mounted System

Coil Cleaner


Portable Air Conditioners

Air Circulator

Piping System

Water Heater

Air Filter


Ventilation Diffuser

Variable Frequency Drives


Digital Vacuum Gauge

Data Center Cooling

Packaged Rooftop System

Coil Cleaner



Air Handler


Capacity Controller

Tankless Water Heater

Solar Thermal Storage Tank

Closed-Circuit Cooling Tower

Packaged Air Conditioners

Air-Cooled Unit

Row-Based Unit

Portable Cooling Warranty

Heat Pump

Scroll Compressor

Variable Refrigerant Flow System

HVAC Insulation

Variable-Refrigerant-Flow Unit

Centrifugal Chiller

Instrument Tubing Bender


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