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Proper Handling and Laundering of Bed Linen Can Help Curb Infection

UPMC, linen supplier settle fungal infection victims' families

Vermont hospital uses trailer as temporary laundry solution

Should facility laundries 'own' infection prevention textiles?

Hospitals in Vermont and New Hampshire struggle for clean linens after plant closing

Michigan health systems collaborate on laundry service facility

Repeated wearing of clothes increases bacteria for healthcare workers

University of Washington to close hospital laundry

Study finds that many hospital linens have mold

California law gives healthcare laundries more flexibility

Laundry staff cuts leads to facility towel shortage

Most healthcare facility infection control practitioners doubt their laundry systems

Ideas for dealing with linen hoarding

North Wales hospitals' laundry called infection risk

Minn. hospital sued after stillborn baby discarded with dirty laundry

Healthcare laundries evolve to deal with emerging issues

Surprise inspection finds improper linen storage at Pittsburgh healthcare facility

Commercial laundries lauded for safety

Crothall Now Has 12 Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified Laundries

Crothall Now Has 12 Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified Laundries

Parkland Hospital combines laundry tech with human touch

Report links UPMC bed linens filled with mold blamed to crisis

Dirty laundry link to C. diff. points to laundry facility's role

Soiled linens could carry C. diff, study shows

Soiled linens may cause environmental contamination

Sharps and debris found in hospital laundry lead to staff safety concerns

HLAC encourages healthcare laundries to be proactive to break the chain of infection

HLAC Marks 10 Years of Inspecting and Accrediting Healthcare Laundries

A European perspective on healthcare laundry infection control

Microfiber products may help prevent spread of MRSA

Silver-based treatment reduces bacteria in hospital laundry

Extending life of healthcare facility linens

Do more healthcare-laundry regulation programs cause confusion?

Holding textile laundering to a higher standard

Looking at healthcare self-regulation program

Lenbrook Retirement Community increases quality improvement scores and efficiency targets with the same outsourcing solution

Senior living facilities customize laundry operations

Boston hospitals battle to keep things running during winter storms

New standards set for healthcare laundry facilities

N.Y. hospital fined for exposing workers to bloody, soiled laundry

Protecting laundry workers from Ebola threat

Dealing with medical laundry breakdowns

Laundry council backs CDC Ebola guidelines

CDC: Discard Ebola patient linens as regulated medical waste

Scottish hospital not clean enough for HEI inspectors

Color-coded sheets to aid to infection control efforts

Linen loss is an $840 million problem

New study shows reusable textiles' benefit to healthcare facilities

Deadly linen contamination a wake-up call

Healthcare launderers call for higher standards

Tupelo hospital laundry on constant alert

Hospital linen safety infographic

Deadly fungal outbreak puts hospital laundry oversight in spotlight

Study on laundered towels finds E. Coli, tetanus

New Orleans deaths raise questions about handling of linens

New Orleans hospital admits dropping ball in fungal outbreak communication

Waste and mismanagement cited at medical prison

White paper discusses quantifying hygienically clean laundry

Short sleeves recommended by infection control experts

Confusion over handling of blood-saturated linen creating unnecessary costs

RFID may help medical facilities meet budget standards with laundry

Ozone laundry system expected to mean energy savings Wisconsin hospital

Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council seeks nominations for 2014-2016 board



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