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Senior Housing and Care M&A Activity Hits Record Highs in 2022

West Health Joins Sharp Memorial Hospital to Create Integrated Geriatric Care

New York Governor Kathy Hochul Announces Mental Health Care Overhaul

HHS Deploys Emergency Team to University of New Mexico Children's Hospital

HHS Releases Ownership Data for Medicare-Certified Hospitals

Nursing Home Management Sued for Financial Fraud

New Report Addresses State of Healthcare Operations

Cancer Centers Struggle to Keep Up with Demand

3 Strategies for Hospital Roofing Infrastructure

Hudson Regional Hospital Fined After Gun Cache Found

Medical Waste Becomes More Worrisome for Healthcare Professionals

Crib Shortage Leaves Healthcare Facilities Scrambling During Flu Season

Memorial Hospital Ends Labor and Delivery Birthing Services

Healthcare Industry Continues to Grow Despite Ongoing Disruptions

The Role of Facilities in Healthcare Incident Command

How Hand Dryers are Being Used in a Post-COVID World

How COVID-19 Increased Demand for Paper Towels

Healthcare Facilities See Increase in Regulatory Burdens

Effective Elevator Maintenance in Healthcare Facilities

Convent Health Hobbs Hospital Reduces Services After Reports of Rodents, Water Quality Issues

HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital Resumes Services

Atlanta Medical Center Closes Emergency Department Prior to Hospital Closure in November

Rural Healthcare Programs Extended Through December

6 Steps to Build the Construction-Maintenance Connection

Mental Health Impacted by Workplace Culture

CMS Offers Resources for Florida Hospitals Affected by Hurricane

FGI Resource Targets Facilities Readiness for Emergencies

How COVID-19 Re-Focused Facilities on Compliance

Senior Care Facilities Still at Risk of HAIs, Calls for Improvement Lag

Mayo Clinic Health System Transitions Some Services to Wisconsin Hospital

Elevator Technicians Prove to Play a Critical Role in Healthcare Facilities

Alina Health to Expand Ownership of Interlude Restorative Suites

VA National Day of Service Addresses Cemeteries

Private Investment Needed to Improve Skilled Nursing Facilities

Staffing Woes Still Plaguing an Already Hurt Healthcare Facilities Industry

Regular Elevator Maintenance Proves Essential for Healthcare Facilities

3 Most Common Questions About Chemicals

Rush Health Systems and Ochsner Health Officially Merge

Strategies for Supporting Mental Health in Healthcare Facilities

Why Doors and Hardware Aid in Preventive Maintenance

COVID’s Influence On Senior Care Design Trends

4 Investments All Senior Care Facilities Should Make

Healthcare Facilities Require Collaboration within the Supply Chain

CMS Releases Proposed Conditions for Rural Emergency Hospital Designation

Healthcare Facilities Compliance: What Lies Ahead

Prioritizing Facility Needs: Fundamental Strategies

Senior Care Facilities to Provide Safer Environment for Residents

Red Fish Healing Center Supports Dual Addiction and Mental Health Recovery Through Calming Environment

5 Ways to Strategize for Healthcare Facilities Planning

Warmer Weather Means It's Time to Winterize Facilities

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities Hit Hardest by Staffing Woes

New York Hospitals Still Rebuilding 10 Years After Superstorm Sandy

Which Ice Melt is Best for Your Facility?

Sustainable Ice Melts are the Product of the Future

MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center Receives ‘A’ Grade from The Leapfrog Group

Preventive Maintenance Reigns in Healthcare Facilities

Common Errors Facilities Managers Make When Spreading Ice Melts

Properly Disposing of Medical Waste Plays a Role in Climate Change

Senior Care Facilities Strive to Make Improvements to Satisfy Residents

Polk County, Iowa Limits Capacity in Hospital

Why Your Facility Needs a Pest Management Plan

Top 10 Diverse Hospitals and Health Systems Unveiled

U.S. Access Board Seeks Input on Medical Diagnostic Equipment

How Facilities Managers Can Better Prepare for Emergencies

5 Must-Read Books on Healthcare Facilities Management

The Great Resignation: More Employees Plan to Quit in 2022

Healthcare Facility Upgrade Spotlights Staffing Resource

Hundreds of Senior Care Facilities are Projected to Close in 2022

Mississippi Governor Vetoes $50M Improvements to UMMC

Long Beach Medical Center Ranks 94 on World’s Best Hospitals 2022 List

Troubleshooting Pin-Hole Leaks in Healthcare Piping Systems

ASHE Infection Control Tool Focuses on Role of Maintenance

3 Ways to Solve Staffing Issues

Congressman Calls for Investigation of ‘Horrific Practices’ in Nursing Homes

Pipe Burst Floods UVM’s Operating Rooms, Delays Surgeries

FGI Interprets Language in 2018 Guidelines

Why Healthcare Facilities Need to Update Their Software Systems

Strategic Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities 

Two Emergency Preparedness Tactics for Healthcare Facilities

4 Best Practices to Follow for Optimal Elevator Performance

Behavioral Health Job Vacancies Lead to Long Patient Waitlists

Hospitals Look to Technology, Donations to Retain Staff

Senior Living Groups Form Coalition on Diversity and Inclusion

Access Board Rule Targets Diagnostic Equipment

Hospitals Growing Weary of Labor Shortages

Mental Health in Healthcare Facilities Reaches Crisis Levels

USDA Provides $1 Billion in Grants To Improve Rural Hospitals

What the Future of Lighting Holds for Healthcare

COVID-19 Takes Toll on Hospital Operating Margins

How Healthcare Facilities Can Benefit From Lighting Technology

Enlivant Receives WELL Health-Safety Rating

Lighting Technology Innovates During Pandemic

Bill Would Allow Hospitals To Repair Their Own Medical Equipment

Focusing On The Bottom Line During COVID

Survey: COVID Hasn’t Changed Large Employers Support Of On-Site Clinics

Reinventing the healthcare facility post-Covid

What Ghana has to teach US healthcare

Mechanical systems in the healthcare environment — pipe and performance considerations

Ga. governor declares state of emergency after hospital flooding

'Tis the season for year-end equipment planning

Urgent care needed: The importance of underground utility mapping for hospital campuses

New Stanford hospital inspired by Apple

Canadian hospital hit for infection control issues and use of duct tape

Innovative technology helps lower costs, overcome labor shortage and Increase safety

Expand the maintenance departments equipment arsenal

Infection control in five Irish hospitals hampered by overcrowding

Superhero window washers pop in on Pa. children’s hospital

Maintenance is an investment, not a cost center

Workers plan strike over UC hospitals outsourcing

Delivery drones may be becoming more common for hospitals

Mayo Clinic Health Systems Austin temporarily offers valet parking

Calif. hospital lets kids drive mini cars to surgery

7,000 Winnipeg healthcare workers merge union chapters

Medical groups say new maintenance standards would lead to higher risk

Food Waste Disposal System


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