Astreea Addresses Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Shortage

June 22, 2020

As pandemic restrictions are being eased throughout the country, businesses are finding it difficult to locate and purchase much needed hand sanitizer dispensers. This gap is being filled by an unlikely source: Astreea, a unique pedal-operated dispenser developed and manufactured by an aerospace company in Europe. Astreea's stainless steel, tubular design allows for faster production, helping to meet the nation's high demand.

Astreea's sleek all-metal construction and foot-pedal operation is what initially got the attention of Greg Gill, CEO of Thumbprint, the exclusive North American distributor of Astreea.

"The design is so well thought out and the units are really easy to maintain," said Gill. "Astreea fits the needs of our customers who are looking for a durable, attractive, and practical solution. Most importantly, production can keep up with demand."

The Astreea dispenser is different than typical plastic wall or post-mounted products. Its seamless steel body and mechanical operation make it almost indestructible. Units are maintenance-free, arrive fully assembled, and use any hand sanitizer product, making them an ideal solution during these uncertain times. For more information, visit



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