Burke Rehabilitation Hospital Uses Art to Promote Healing

Art installations in Burke Rehabilitation Hospital inpatient and outpatients settings reinforces treatment.

By HFT Staff
August 26, 2022

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital demonstrates its commitment to treating the whole person by displaying art installations in its inpatient and outpatient settings. This artwork is titled Infusions by artist Jamie Harris, which adorns The Bonnie and Tom Grace SCI/Neuro rehabilitation Gym at Burke.
Lori Adams

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, New York, demonstrates its commitment to treating the whole person by displaying art installations in its inpatient and outpatient settings. The restorative quality of art reinforces the treatment provided by Burke’s therapists. 

Art humanizes the patient’s experience and supports Burke’s mission by addressing emotional and physical needs, according to Jodi Moise, the director of the rine art program and collection at Montefiore Medicine. The art program fosters a healing environment in service to patients, visitors and staff.  

“Studies show that art, especially pieces that reflect nature or floral themes, promotes health and healing,” Moise says. “At Burke, we also choose art that incorporates movement to further its rehabilitative mission.” 

A recent addition to the Burke campus, entitled “Celebrate,” is a series of four paintings in the Burke CARES Staff Lounge. Artist Jennifer Glover Riggs experimented with bright and joyful colors to foster an optimistic feeling that brighter days always lie ahead.  

Another example, “Infusions” by artist Jamie Harris, adorns The Bonnie and Tom Grace SCI/Neurorehabilitation Gym. This artwork, spanning 31 feet, creates an atmosphere of encouragement by employing uplifting colors and imagery that projects a sense of motion.  

“When someone enters the Bonnie and Tom Grace Gym, especially for the first time, they are immediately captivated by this beautiful piece of art which highly complements this already impressive space.” says Sandra Alexandrou, vice president of inpatient rehabilitation at Burke. “For those individuals receiving therapy in the gym and for the employees, the sense of movement and transition captured by the art communicates the essence of rehabilitation in such a graceful manner and raises the spirits of everyone who spends time in the gym.” 

The collections are curated to enhance the unique characteristics of each location. Rachel Hellman’s mural, “Light Paths,” consists of shifting panes of warm and cool colors that are inspired by Burke’s landscape. Sited in the outpatient gym in White Plains, this mural creates a positive environment that encourages patients along their rehabilitative journey. The artwork enriches this newly renovated space outfitted with modern technology. 

 “When I curate art for Burke, my hope is for everyone to experience the artwork as they move through our various facilities and that it transforms the experience of their rehabilitation process,” Moise says. 

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