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Case Study: Reliable and Seamless Load Transfer

'Mission-critical' takes on additional meaning when patient welfare is at stake

December 28, 2020

Located in Manchester, United Kingdom, The Christie Hospital is the largest single-site cancer center in Europe, treating more than 44,000 people per year. Since inception, The Christie Hospital has grown from its original building into an extensive complex of more than 80,000 square meters. 

Like other hospitals, The Christie must routinely test emergency power. However, even momentary outages from load transfers would produce unacceptable disruptions to many critical operations within its building complex. The Christie turned to ASCO Power for solutions, including load transfer solutions for its new Proton Beam Therapy facility.  

To avoid even the shortest power interruptions, ASCO engineered and delivered Closed Transition Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches that momentarily connect loads to alternate power before disconnecting them from the original source. Because Closed Transition

switching provides seamless load transfers, The Christie now conducts a robust program of periodic testing without disruption to critical operations. Bypass-Isolation design for many of the transfer switches allows them to be serviced without removing power from the distribution circuits they serve.

For more than a decade, ASCO ATSs have reliably switched loads between power sources when outages occur. Because transfers occur seamlessly, The Christie can routinely use live building loads for critical power compliance testing. 

The Christie has relied on ASCO factory-trained, factory-employed technicians to maintain and service its transfer switches and other ASCO critical power equipment. A program of regular inspection and maintenance has kept The Christie’s critical power equipment operating in top form. With a national network of ASCO technicians, facility managers know

their local ASCO service specialists are just a phone call away.

Through the years, ASCO Power Technologies and The Christie Hospital have enjoyed and expanded a mutually beneficial relationship. As The Christie expands and upgrades electrical systems, ASCO provides valuable application support for selecting, installing, and operating critical power equipment. Most recently, The Christie purchased three additional 2000 Amp Closed Transition Bypass Switches for its new Proton Beam Therapy theaters. With this upgrade, The Christie will be the first facility in the United Kingdom to deliver this advanced cancer treatment. With ASCO equipment and services, The Christie is well-positioned to provide the highest levels of cutting-edge care.

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