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Common problems found during building renovations

By Poppy Gallagher / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today
June 13, 2018

Whether you are looking to renovate a house or a huge healthcare facility building, the older the structure is, the more likely it is that the building inspector will find some form of defect during his/her inspection. Both residential and commercial properties can have a number of issues that should be easily identified by a building inspector or other professionals who can offer through a damp proofing specialist company and other checks. Some problems are of course more common than others, however it is important that they are identified and kept an eye on when it comes to healthcare buildings as it prevents additional and more damaging problems from cropping up further down the line.

Roof damage

While roof issues can be tricky to spot, it is important that they are looked out for on a regular basis. It can be all too easy to miss a leak by an untrained eye as many defects take place in places like the attic, for example. An up close inspection will enable a problem to be revealed before repairs become more expensive. Roof damage that isn’t treated also means that there is the potential to incur further costs as medical equipment can get damaged, which no one wants.

Ventilation problems

Moisture in the air is exceptionally unhealthy and can lend itself to terrible health problems if left untreated- this is especially true in children. A lack of ventilation will prohibit airflow which can lead to condensation issues and this can cause further problems. Ventilation is such an important thing to maintain as it can stop the development of damp etc.

Plumbing issues

Plumping problems can cause several issues, from causing seals to erode to creating leaks that damage a buildings infrastructure. Keeping the plumbing of a healthcare facility in sound working order requires regular checks, which is particularly true when it comes to waste lines.


While it may not be something that we tend to think about on a daily basis, proper drainage is essential to keep the structure and foundation strong and long lasting. Should water ever pool at the base of abuilding from clogged gutters and drainpipes, it can seep into the foundation and create terrible problems. Moisture problems can start of small but then cause significant damage to the joints and walls which will grow into more extreme and costly issues that can also put patients in a dangerous position.

Structural defects

Older properties are more prone to suffering from the effects of poor building practices and structural defects as a result of general building wear and tear. Structural defects should never be left unaccounted for as they can develop into larger issues.

Through hiring a professional building inspector you will be able to locate hidden problems before they grow into significant and damaging issues. Through paying for ain independent inspection you will find that it will become an investment into your future and the future of those who work and seek medical attention in the building.


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