Connectiv Adds Security and Maintenance Capabilities to HTM System

March 12, 2018

Connectiv, a SaaS healthcare technology management (HTM) platform, announces new features to help customers improve medical device security and adopt internal maintenance plans, known as Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM). The update also includes improvements in reporting and analytics.   


Connectiv’s HTM solution is used by Clinical Engineering departments in hospitals and clinics to efficiently manage devices and equipment used in patient care. HTM systems deliver alerts for urgent repair needs and help managers prepare for equipment “end-of-life” and make better purchasing decisions. Connectiv integrates with ERP, safety alert, information security, location and tracking systems, delivering visibility into assets and the ability to streamline processes, all from a single interface.


Connectiv’s release includes the medical device security analyzer, which automatically finds potential security gaps and remediates any issues with a configurable workflow.  Connectiv integrates with network monitoring tools such as ZingBox. With the reporting and analytic abilities of Connectiv, clinical engineering managers can, within minutes, identify threats within assets. Advanced security features for tracking medical devices are increasingly important, as many devices now continuously collect data and transmit it across the network to systems and users. That connectivity opens up risks from hackers, and ultimately, safety concerns for patients if a device is compromised.


Connectiv has also released AEM lifecycle management capability; AEM refers to when a hospital deviates from the equipment manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan in order to save time or money. Connectiv provides a framework to automatically track and document AEM activities, making it easier for healthcare organizations to comply with requirements from The Joint Commission and other major regulatory bodies. Connectiv’s new AEM tracking capabilities help healthcare providers ensure that internal maintenance programs do not degrade the performance, safety or quality of medical devices and equipment.


Finally, Connectiv has released enhanced real-time metrics in the system, making it easier to view important measures such as cost of service ratio (COSR), environment of care (EOC) reporting and workload balancing.

“The Connectiv platform allows Clinical Engineering departments to more easily monitor and manage critical systems, while complying with industry standards and regulations,” says Tommy Lee, founder of Connectiv. “In particular, Connectiv’s ability to integrate with other business tools offers significant business value as it pertains to healthcare management. Our integrations with network scanning tools are a good example.”


“Healthcare organizations today need better data and simpler tools to manage a growing array of complex equipment and networked devices,” says Rob Woodbyrne, CEO of Connectiv. “Our company is committed to continual product updates along those lines, so that Clinical Engineering departments can ensure that they are compliant, cost-effective and helping clinicians deliver excellent patient care.”


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