Dentulu Teledentistry Helping In The Battle Against Coronavirus

March 23, 2020

Dentulu is the leading Telemedicine service for dentistry and is spearheading the fight against Coronavirus by opening up its platform to all dental professionals as well as hospitals across the United States and soon around the world.

"Over 2.2 Million dental visits are made to emergency rooms across the nation annually but emergency rooms are the last place dental patients should visit right now," explains Dr. Hakhamian. Lack of masks, sanitizers & cross-contamination are all concerns and ER's are encouraged to refer their dental patients to local licensed dentists on the Dentulu Network instead. Dentists are also encouraged to use Teledentistry to maintain continuity of care with patients if they are forced to close their offices. Dentulu provides a consumer intra-oral camera which can be sent home with patients or shipped to their homes allowing dentists to see inside the patient's mouth remotely without exposing their staff or the patient to the Coronavirus.

Dr. Hakhamian explains, "We have decided to waive all set up fees and allow all dental offices and staff to immediately begin registering and utilizing Teledentistry without worrying about added expenses. This way they can continue to earn some income and maintain their care of patients during these difficult times." Telehealth companies have seen a sudden spike and have proven to be an invaluable tool for medical professionals and patients alike and Dentulu has positioned itself to be the leading Teledentistry platform connecting dentists to consumers across the nation.

Dentists have seen a sudden drop in their schedules as patients and employees grow more hysteric about the Coronavirus and the potential spread in the dental setting where aerosols are rampant. "We recommend patients continue to address infections and dental diseases as they may be weakening their immune systems leaving them more susceptible to Coronavirus," continues Dr. Hakhamian. Dental infections have been well documented to travel throughout the body causing a myriad of problems and if dental offices are shut down as a part of larger mass quarantines, Teledentistry will be the only HIPAA compliant platform that will be able to quickly and efficiently treat patients.

Dentists, hospitals, and medical doctors are all encouraged to download the Dentulu Teledentistry app on their mobile phones available on both iPhone and Android or by visiting where they can get up to date recommendations and updates on the Coronavirus and Dentistry.

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