DesignGroup Announces 172,000-square-foot Addition for Norton Brownsboro Hospital in Louisville

March 18, 2019

DesignGroup of Columbus, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is designing for Norton Healthcare a new 172,000-square-foot tower at its Norton Brownsboro Hospital location, as well as the renovation of 44,000 square feet in the existing facility.

The major expansion and renovation project will allow Norton Brownsboro Hospital to meet more of the community’s needs. Construction on the new tower is slated to be complete in the spring of 2020, with renovations concluding in 2022. “Since opening in 2009, the hospital has experienced tremendous growth, exceeding expectations,” said Andy Strausbaugh, chief administrative officer at Norton Brownsboro Hospital.

“In 2017 staff performed approximately 9,300 surgeries, saw about 90,000 outpatient visits and had over 9,800 inpatient admissions. This growth has led Norton Brownsboro Hospital to reach functional capacity and we are excited to expand our facility to better serve our growing patient population.”

Hallmarks of the design include the reinforcement of one identifiable main entrance to the hospital, with clear secondary entry points for the emergency department, hospital staff and service vehicles; a cohesive wayfinding approach that reflects the open and inviting culture of Norton Brownsboro Hospital; and the reuse of signature detailing and design materials from the existing building to provide an effortless transition to the new tower and a complementary experience for patients and families. In addition, the flexible design plan allows for future capacity building and program changes over time.

“The new addition is designed to fit and function seamlessly with the existing hospital building and to provide a welcome beacon of hope for the region,” said Elliott Bonnie, DesignGroup director, Healthcare Studio leader and designer.

“The entire project capitalizes on material and technological advancements, incorporating both throughout the patient-focused spaces in an accessible and comprehensive manner.” Specifically, and most significantly, the new addition will house 70 new patient beds on the top three floors, bringing the total bed count for the hospital to 197. The third floor will add 22 new ICU beds and will align with the existing ICU to streamline care.

The fourth and fifth floors will add 24 new medical/surgical beds to each floor. The second floor will see the dramatic expansion of the surgery department in order to provide advanced care for the estimated 50 percent increase in surgeries expected within two years of the project’s completion. On the first floor, the emergency and vascular departments will be upgraded and diagnostic support enhanced. Lab capabilities and materials management processes will be expanded on the lowest level.

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