DriSteem Installation of Gas-to-Steam Humidifiers at Trek Headquarters to Create a Safe Environment for Its Employees and Data

February 11, 2020

DRI-STEEM Corporation (DriSteem), the leading manufacturer of humidification, evaporative cooling, and water treatment products, announces the success of the installation of humidifiers at Trek Headquarters in Waterloo, WI. The installation of the gas-to-steam humidifiers was necessary to create a safer working environment for their employees and their extensive data servers.

Trek’s state-of-the-art complex has a unique and exclusive finishing room where each of their products is hand finished by sanding off a layer of carbon fiber composite. This allows for every feather-light frame to be free of defects and perfectly clean for maximum bonding when painted. The resin dust can be flammable as it hangs in the air until airflow draws them into each finishing station’s filtration system. 

Trek’s data servers house millions of transactions from customers in more than a hundred countries. This, coupled with the fact that the data servers and finishing room are together in one location, was the driving force for a preventative solution.

Trek contracted H&H Industries, from Madison, WI, who teamed up with local DriSteem rep Masters Building Solutions and the recommendation was for the installation of steam humidifiers using reverse osmosis (RO) fill water. H&H Industries installed two DriSteem humidifiers to minimize the likelihood of static sparks in Trek’s finish room and data center.

“It is truly a pleasure when you can help a company like Trek make a safer work environment for its employees,” said Mysty Hanson, Assistant Product Manager. “DriSteem is proud to be protecting a trusted product component of this world-class operation.”

DriSteem’s gas-fired humidifiers burn either natural or propane gas to heat fill water into steam for humidification. This system offers significant operating cost savings over other energy sources because of its comparatively high overall efficiency and its low-cost fuel. 

Visit DriSteem at www.dristeem.com

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