Enhanced 'Sprinkler Saves' blog promotes fire sprinkler successes

November 24, 2014

Hastings, Michigan, USA - Every day, fire sprinkler systems are working to save lives and property from the devastating effects of fire. Launched in late 2011, the “Sprinkler Saves” blog, which Viking supports, is an ongoing effort to highlight successful sprinkler activations that receive media coverage, as well as those reported by local fire departments.  The blog is intended to demonstrate how fire sprinklers are working to help address society’s fire problem, and also to encourage positive media coverage whenever an automatic sprinkler system works to successfully control or extinguish a fire.

To facilitate more interaction and to increase awareness, a new version of the Sprinkler Saves blog has been introduced.  The new blog, www.sprinklersaves.com, serves the same purpose as the previous site, but with several advantages including:

− Updated appearance with easier navigation

− Innovative mapping function showing sprinkler saves by state

− Categorization of sprinkler saves by building/construction type

− Automatic, real-time emailing of sprinkler saves to blog followers (if desired)

− Ability to view blog posts by the “time of save” (i.e. morning, day, evening, night)

Interested individuals may follow the blog by clicking on the blue “follow” button at www.sprinklersaves.com.  There is no cost and only a name and email address is required.  All sprinkler saves posted to the blog are also tweeted from Viking’s Twitter account, @vikinggroup, with the hashtag #SprinklerSaves.  For more information, please email firesprinklersaves@gmail.com.

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Viking is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative fire protection and life safety

systems. For over 90 years the company’s products and services have protected lives and property worldwide from the devastating effects of fire. For more information on Viking’s complete line of quality fire protection products and services, please visit www.vikinggroupinc.com or call 800-968-9501.


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