Evaluating your wayfinding system

August 28, 2014

When evaluating a healthcare facility's wayfinding system, facility managers should shift thinking about wayfinding as being just about signs to being a holistic approach to communications, according to an article on the FacilityCare website.

You need to look at how everything in and around your health system communicates to staff and to patients, the article said. Create an internal wayfinding team charged with taking a broad look at each of the ways you communicate with visitors. 

Once you’ve organized a team and agreed on the proper logic and language, you can begin to implement the tools of the trade: signage, printed material and digital and verbal wayfinding including employee orientation and training.

But a wayfinding system is about information, not stuff, according to the article. You can buy, build and program all the signs, apps or websites you want, but if the information isn’t organized, simple or consistent enough, it’ll be disjointed and confusing.

Read the article.



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