Fellow Health Partners Introduces Knowledge College Plus

November 20, 2018

Fellow Health Partners, Inc., a New York based medical business solutions company, today announced the launch of Knowledge College Plus™, the evolution of its customer training program.

CEO Michael N. Brown said, “Fellow Health Partners is committed to ongoing training. We recognized early that world class customer service will help differentiate us from the many off-shored medical billing companies that have chosen to treat customer-service as an afterthought. In a market that is projected to grow from the current $22 billion to $29 billion in the U.S. by 2022, we believe this provides us with a competitive advantage.

That’s why we continue to update and follow up on the training programs that are run by our Knowledge College™, including those that are focused on helping and supporting our clients and their patients - what we call Customer Service.”

He explained how it is designed, “Everyone who works for Fellow Health Partners goes through an introductory curriculum of training in our Knowledge College™ that includes technology, “people” skills, and compliance. This enhances the skills they already have, raising them to the “conscious” level, which helps them serve our clients better. And, we’re not stopping there 

That’s why we’ve introduced Knowledge College Plus™, which takes this training to another level with even more detail on how to build and maintain trust with clients and patients, as well as more in-depth training about how to deal better with stress, more clarity about how to better influence both Insurance company personnel and patients, and focused role-playing workshops to tie it all together. It is the next step for all our employees.”

Mr. Brown added, “We know of no other company in the medical billing space that has a stronger commitment than we at Fellow Health Partners when it comes to people-skills training throughout the organization.”

This is reinforced by Dr. Bryant Nguyen, an Interventional Cardiologist in California who said, “I’ve been consistently impressed with their service and now that I understand more about how they do it, it makes complete sense. It’s nice to see more thought going into such an important, and often neglected, part of our business.”


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