Flushmate Reinforces Commitment to Water Conservation, Pressure-Assist Technology

September 27, 2018

Flushmate, a leading supplier to toilet manufacturers on three continents, is providing commercial facilities of all types with its innovative pressure-assist technology as an alternative to traditional gravity-based systems.

Now operating on flush volumes as low as 1.0 (3.8 lpf) and 1.28 gpf (4.9 lpf), Flushmate systems utilize compressed air to “turbocharge” water, resulting in flushing performance equal to 3 1/2 gallons or more to assure extraction and superior drainline carry. As a result, the Flushmate 504 Series system saves up to 30 percent more water and delivers a cleaner bowl than conventional technologies.

Flushmate-equipped bowls are hydraulically designed to push contents out of the trapway, as opposed to gravity-fed toilets that siphon – or pull – waste out the bowl. Siphoning requires a more complicated trapway that can impede performance.

“Flushmate technology is working to make toilet clogs and maintenance concerns obsolete,” said Jeff Krull, President, Flushmate. “Not only is our innovative system providing better hygiene to commercial restrooms, but doing so with even more water-efficient products than ever before.”

Flushmate-equipped bowls also utilize a larger diameter trapway with fewer bends, reducing the likelihood of double flushing and stoppages and engineered to extract waste earlier in the flush than conventional fixtures for a cleaner drainline. Flushmate-equipped water closets are keeping commercial restrooms operational across a variety of markets.

Visit the Flushmate website for more information regarding how pressure-assisted technology delivers performance and water savings for residential and light commercial facilities.


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