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Four energy-saving design tips for hot climates

August 16, 2019

Designing and and building sustainable facilities means balancing successful building management with outcomes, according to an article from Building Operating Management on the FacilitiesNet website.

Designing energy efficient facilities in hot climates presents four main challenges:

#1: Minimize the facility's footprint. Reducing the amount of roof area exposed to radiant sun energy is an increasingly important strategy. 

#2: Control internal heat gain. Facilities have migrated away from inefficient lighting to LED, which produce less heat. Additional considerations should be planning for realistic occupant loads — because people produce heat.

#3: Achieve optimal design for window, solar heat gain, daylight, and views. In general, the best strategy is to ensure that windows are facing either south or north. 

#4: Effectively managing humidity. Building and energy codes are already requiring tighter building envelopes, including features like continuous exterior insulation and air barriers, which greatly reduce humidity transfer to the interior.

Read the article.

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