Goodway launches online calculator that showcases cost-savings as a result from cleaning firetube boilers

November 17, 2014

Stamford, Conn – A firetube boiler operating at proper efficiency can help facilities save thousands on monthly utility bills, and Goodway Technologies, a leader in providing innovative HVAC and facility maintenance solutions, has launched an online calculator to help companies see the potential cost-savings when using Goodway’s ScaleBreak Liquid Descaler on firetube boilers to remove limescale from the waterside of tubes.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, fuel consumption in a boiler can increase up to 5 percent as a result of scale build-up. If the build-up continues, the result is dramatic efficiency loss and large increase in operating costs. The easy-to-use calculator allows facility managers and maintenance professionals to enter their customized information, including annual operating hours, type of fuel used and basic scaling information to see how the ScaleBreak can benefit their operations and firetube boiler.  

“While this is a great tool to see the potential cost-savings, it’s also an empowerment tool for contractors and engineers in charge of maintaining firetube boiler equipment,” said Tim Robb, Director of Marketing & Strategic Business Development for Goodway. “Rarely do you have an opportunity to show the immediate results of maintenance procedure. With this calculator, you see just that, what a single application of ScaleBreak could deliver.”

Goodway’s ScaleBreak is an industrial grade, biodegradable descaler that dissolves calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate and other types of deposits from passages in water cooled or heated equipment, such as boilers. Its proprietary formulation includes advanced ingredients that protect metals from corrosion while delivering high performance results and can also be used with chiller tubes and cooling tower fill, condensers, plate and frame and tube heat exchangers, oil coolers, furnaces and water piping systems.

In addition to offering descaler systems and chemicals, Goodway has in-house chemical engineering staff available to help analyze the scale and develop a customized solution.

Visit to access the calculator.

About Goodway Technologies

For over 45 years, Goodway Technologies has engineered and built high quality maintenance solutions for commercial facility maintenance and Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition systems. Our products include innovative solutions for chiller and boiler tube cleaning, cooling tower maintenance, evaporator and condenser coils, Ultra Fine Particle Vacuums and practically everything else for the care and maintenance of HVAC systems. Further information is available at 


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