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Hospital salaries: From environmental services to the CEO

June 6, 2019

There are about 6,210 hospitals across the US, according to the American Hospital Association. From cleaners to CEOs, here are some of the 30 most common occupations and how much they make, according to an article on the Business Insider website.

At the number 30 spot are janitors and cleaners, who — except maids and housekeeping cleaners — earn a median of $29,820 a year. There are 73,250 janitors and cleaners employed in hospitals.

For contest, here are a few more hospital employee groups (and their rankings) both clinical and other.

29. Orderlies earn a median of $30,200 a year. There are 39,880 employed in hospitals

27. Cooks (institution and cafeteria) earn a median of $31,930 a year. There are 35,050 employed in hospitals.

25. Security guards earn a median of $36,680 a year. There are 43,130 employed in hospitals.

2. Surgeons earn a median of $226,080 a year. There are 7,220 employed in hospitals.

1. Chief executives earn a median of $242,550 a year. There are 4,440 employed in hospitals.
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