Inspection, testing and maintenance of door hardware key to security plan

December 6, 2019

Facility managers are taking a closer look at the door hardware components that help protect occupants and visitors as security and access control are becoming a higher priority, according to an article from Facility Maintenance Decisions on the FaciltiesNet website.

By paying closer attention to the maintenance and performance of doors, hinges, closers, and fire-exit hardware, managers can help improve the safety and security of their facilities.

For instance, technicians should inspect doors and hinges regularly for loose screws, proper latching and closing speed. Following the order of “hang the door, secure the door, control the door, and protect the door,” they need to review the entire opening, beginning with hinges, moving on to door closers, checking the lockset and exit device, and finishing the inspection with kickplates and the frame.

Hinges should not bind or prevent the door from opening or closing properly. The strike plate should always be securely attached to the frame, ensuring that the lock’s deadlatch is not falling into the keeper, which can allow someone to open the door using a credit card, a coat hanger, or a similar device.

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