Make an Impact Without Leaving a Mark

October 31, 2019

 A nurse’s cart dings the corridor’s corner. A patient scuffs the wall with his wheelchair. Chairs scrape. Fluids spill. These are common and often unavoidable, everyday occurrences in high-traffic healthcare environments—but they no longer need to “leave a mark.” With Duratec from MDC Interior Solutions, a new breakthrough wall protection product, designers and end-users alike won’t worry about performance; they’ll focus instead on creating comfortable, functional spaces that look and feel less like a hospital and more like home.

“Healthcare environments are increasingly complex. They’re fast-paced and highly trafficked, and they require products as strong and committed to safety and quality as they are. And at the same time, they can’t compromise on aesthetics because that’s what patients, their families and staff want and deserve,” says Dan Brandt, director of product at MDC Interior Solutions. “We saw a need for durable, tough-as-nails but attractive wallcoverings that won’t age or ugly out. Duratec is exactly that: made for the wall yet performs like a floor.”

Durable by Design

Impact-, abrasion- and stain-resistant, Duratec is engineered specifically to stand up to the most demanding environments—hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other healthcare and wellness interiors. It features industry-leading, semi-rigid surface protection technologies that safeguard against all types of glancing blows and direct hits. Duratec also boasts the thickest wearcoat on the market (8-10 times thicker than any other impact wallcovering), improving the longevity and quality of facility design.

Don’t let its toughness fool you. Duratec is as pretty as it is strong. Choose from 7 styles, each stunning in their simplicity; the classic but chic aesthetics mimic wood grains, grasscloth, woven textiles, and more. The neutral color palette is equally sophisticated, spanning soft blues and greens, earthy beiges and browns, and rustic reds. Duratec offers a total of 63 pattern/color combinations.

Safety First

More than any other high-traffic environment, healthcare facilities demand—and depend on— products that contribute to the overall health, care and safety of those inside. Duratec delivers, withstanding the harshest of chemicals and stains, including blood, bleach, iodine, alcohol and ammonia.

Scoring a 4.9 out of 5 in ASTM stain resistance testing, Duratec is easy to clean and maintain. Its walls can be disinfected by full-strength bleach without compromising durability protection or design, and most stains can be removed with soap and water.

Duratec is also easy to install. Unlike rigid wall protection products, Duratec is installed like contract rolled wallcovering. Clay-based adhesive not only allows for removability with little to no wall damage, it makes same-day installation possible—reducing facility downtime its associated costs.

Single Source, Total Sustainable Solution

A suite of value-add performance surfaces further extends the form and function flexibility and versatility of Duratec. Accessories include standard ancillary products—rigid wall panels, corner guards and hand rails—as well as MDC’s Digital Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) panels.

Digitally printed on white or clear panels, the designs create eye-catching statements in lobbies, cafeterias, waiting rooms, elevator walls, open stairways, and other spaces that benefit from “pops” of color and design. Just like Duratec, the 4’ by 8’ sheet panels are engineered to withstand collisions, scratches and other repeated impact, as well as wet environments. Completely washable and wipeable the panels are low-maintenance and easy to clean.

“Style is increasingly important in healthcare design, but trusted, proven product performance that elevates the standard of safe, quality care is critical,” added Brandt. “Specifying product for healthcare is unique, and we get that. We’re delivering strongly on all fronts with Duratec.”

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