NICOR adds a new level of ambience to its LED Downlight family with sunset dimming

October 2, 2015

NICOR has taken its highly successful LED Downlight Family to the next level with sunset dimming. With a subtle dimming of the light level, the DLR-SD Downlight Series creates just the right ambience for a warm and inviting experience, making it a perfect choice for residential and hospitality environments. This luminaire provides general ambient and mood lighting by bringing the sunset experience indoors. Sunset dimming not only improves the flexibility of lighting, but now increases the overall color selection in a design space. NICOR’s DLR-SD moves easily from 3000K to 2000K enhancing the overall warmth of the environment. 

Precise control of the LED intensity and color temperature delivers a smooth, flicker free transition in color variation throughout each level of brightness. The DLR-SD Series is available in both the 4” and 5/6” sizes and offers greater than 90 CRI which is ideal for use high-end residential designs, restaurants, theaters, conference areas and reception halls.

“End users are occasionally surprised and disappointed that standard LED fixtures don't morph to a warmer color as the lights dim. Family rooms, home theaters, restaurants, hotels and other applications can benefit greatly from the warm ambiance that is created by NICOR's DLR-SD family of products.” remarked Al Uszynski, VP Sales and Marketing for NICOR, Inc.

The DLR-SD Series reduced profile provides more interior mounting space for a quicker install. Installation is easy with the use of a Torsion Spring receiver and supplying power is as simple as screwing in a light bulb. GU-24 socket adapters are also available for housings in the California market or any that require a GU-24 base.

With the increased energy efficiency and new design elements, this product family is a practical and cost effective LED solution. For more information, contact NICOR at 800.821.6283 or your local NICOR sales representative.


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