Parallel Technologies Launches Data Center Managed Services Offering

March 29, 2018

In response to increasing requests from clients to outsource management of critical data center operations, Parallel Technologies, an industry-leading reliable data center and intelligent building solutions company, has added Data Center Managed Services to its offering.

A natural extension of the company’s well-established design/build/consulting Data Center Practice, the new managed services offering helps clients carry the burden of data center operations management while still maintaining performance goals. The offering is ideally suited for organizations that have resource challenges or want to re-allocate staff for other activities. In these situations, the business still maintains control of their data onsite or offsite in a colocation data center, but is relieved of the responsibilities and risk associated with managing the operations.

“There is a lot of focus in the industry on highly reliable data centers, but we sometimes forget that most outages are caused by humans — many of whom aren’t focused on data center operations,” said Tim Kittila, director, Data Center Practice at Parallel Technologies. “We regularly hear from clients that they don’t want to be in the data center business but are unclear about the transition path. Often they ask us to manage their onsite and offsite data centers. For many, engaging a third-party for Managed Services can be an efficient way to reduce their risk, reallocate engineering staff while increasing visibility into their data center operations.”

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), Parallel Technologies’ offering provides companies with the optimum level of expertise when they need so that internal resources can continue to perform high value tasks. Through this model, companies also increase visibility into the data center without increasing head count or over taxing existing staff. 

Because of Parallel Technologies’ expertise in designing, building and commissioning of data centers, its approach to Managed Service is holistic — examining all aspects of the operations to ensure maximum efficiency and preparedness. This approach begins with an assessment of the data center to identify gaps and determine the optimal level of service and support. Following the assessment, operations are optimized based on areas of concern or where improvements can be made. Operations are further refined through the implementation of best practice processes like inventory management, lifecycle management and environmental reporting. Finally, Parallel Technologies provides support in developing growth roadmap projections and utilization reporting.

“Through our holistic approach, we can manage our client’s data center from vision to reality with complete control of every step of the build,” said Kittila. “Our managed service offering provides a complete team of facility and IT infrastructure engineers to assure data center reliability for our clients.”



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