Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Two-hour separations between hospitals

By Brad Keyes / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today
January 16, 2019

Q: I have a client that is building a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The women's component will be licensed to one organization, and the children's component will be licensed to another. Both organizations intend to operate separately and self-sufficient but would like the new building to look like one comprehensive hospital building. Is a two-hour occupancy separation required between the two, separately licensed hospitals in the same building?



A: As long as the occupancy designation is the same for both unit, then no… a two-hour fire rated separation is not required according to the Life Safety Code but check with your state and local authorities to see if they have more restrictive requirements.

Brad Keyes, CHSP, is the owner of KEYES Life Safety Compliance, and his expertise is in the management of the Life Safety Program, including the Environment of Care and Emergency Management programs.

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Topic Area: Regulations, Codes & Standards

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