Seeq, Its Customers and Its Partners to Present at OSIsoft PI World User Conference in San Francisco

April 8, 2019


Seeq, a provider of advanced analytics solutions for process manufacturing companies, announced today that Merck & Company and other Seeq customers will discuss their use of Seeq to improve business and production outcomes at OSIsoft PI World, held from April 8-12, 2019 in San Francisco. 

Seeq applications build on machine learning and big data technologies to speed time to insight for diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics. The presentations are typical of the benefits Seeq customers are realizing in the oil & gas, power, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

Once again in 2019, Seeq will be a Gold Sponsor of PI World, the largest gathering of OSIsoft customers and partners in the world. Seeq will also demonstrate new support for key OSIsoft initiatives including the OSIsoft Cloud Service (OCS), in addition to current support for OSIsoft Asset Framework, Event Frames, Notifications, and other OSIsoft features.

"The passion to generate even more value from data in the OSIsoft PI System and deliver customer-centric solutions from our partner community is truly remarkable," says Michael Kallenos, IoT Analyst at OSIsoft. "Seeq’s expanding support for OSIsoft services, including OSIsoft Cloud Services, demonstrates their shared commitment to helping companies improve their operations and production outcomes through advanced analytics."

In addition to sponsoring PI World and having multiple customers presenting, Seeq’s system integrator and independent software vendor partners from across the glove will be showcasing their integration efforts with Seeq. 

This worldwide partner network is what enabled system integrator Radix of San Paulo, Brazil to work with customers to improve process outcomes in the oil & gas industry. Another partner sharing work done with Seeq is Alkemy Innovation of Bend, Oregon, which developed a solution for batch analytics which is applicable for pharmaceutical, chemical, and other vertical industries. 

“Working with Seeq enabled Alkemy to accelerate its batch analytics solution development by years of effort,” says Jeremy Graham, Vice President, Alkemy Innovation, Inc. “The result is our shared customers get insights from laboratory or production systems in minutes instead of days to accelerate their analytics.”


Presentations which discuss the use of Seeq include:

Laura Wareham, Senior Scientist, Merck & CompanyLisa Graham, VP Analytics, Seeq CorporationTitle: Leveraging Data Analytics to Support Merck’s Journey in Continuous ManufacturingDate, Time and Location: Wednesday 4/10/19 at 2:30pm in Hilton Grand Ballroom A

Emily Anderson, Analytics Engineer, Seeq CorporationTitle: Advanced Analytics with the OSIsoft PI SystemDate, Time and Location: Wednesday 4/11/19 at 10:30am in Hilton Imperial Ballroom B

Don Morrison, Sr Real-time Data Engineer, Devon EnergyDustin Johnson, Chief Architect Seeq CorporationTitle: Self-directed Analytics and Reporting with OSIsoft Cloud ServicesDate, Time and Location: Thursday 4/11/19 at 10:30am in Hilton Imperial Ballroom B

“These shared customers of OSIsoft and Seeq demonstrate how our customers benefit from using our products together,” notes Steve Sliwa, Co-Founder and CEO, Seeq Corporation. “Their success and feedback on product requirements has led to the innovative and easy-to-use advanced analytics application that Seeq is today."

Seeq R21, released in January of this year, addresses the growing use of Seeq for publishing analytics-based views to other employees, and the sophistication of the use cases where engineers use Seeq. For publishing insights, Seeq introduced new “scorecard” features for the display of calculated tables in Seeq Workbench and Organizer. R21 also added frequency analysis capabilities, often referred to as FFT, to transform segments of a time-series signal into the frequency domain. Finally, R21 expanded Seeq’s recent focus on enabling larger deployments through scalability features and making the Seeq applications easier to use.

For the latest information on Seeq participation in industry events, please visit the Seeq web site at

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