Simone Healthcare Development Shares Key Design Trends

January 25, 2019

Simone Healthcare Development, a New York-based hospital construction company, reviews architecture trends that best support the current needs of healthcare as a part of their commitment to supporting the needs of the medical community.

To support optimal patient health, the patient must be cared by a skilled and compassionate medical team — however a team cannot be effective without a quality facility to practice.

Hospital architecture tailored to the needs of the community can improve happiness and health of patients and employees alike.

According to Simone Healthcare Development, following these three key trends in hospital architecture can provide for a better patient experience.

First, hospitals must Focus on Functionality — creating comfort and convenience is essential for patients, their family and employees.

However, hospital construction should support functionality and operations first and foremost. The primary goal of any healthcare facility is to maintain patient health, and any new construction should ensure efficiency and patient care as its first priority.

Having healthy and happy employees means having healthy and happy patients, and it’s the responsibility of hospital leadership to foster a work environment that aids healthcare providers in doing their job as easily as possible.

From easy access to cutting-edge equipment, to layouts that create treatment efficiency, there are various ways that hospital leadership can design a building with effective operation in mind.

The second trend is the integration of Electronic Messaging Boards. 

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