Sloan Foundry Engineers Custom Castings and Machined Parts for Manufacturers Worldwide

June 18, 2019

Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, is proud to produce high-quality, state-of-the-art copper-based castings and machined parts for OEM companies around the world at its Arkansas-based facility, Sloan Foundry.

For over 40 years, Sloan Foundry has been helping manufacturers create alloy components without the need to invest in expensive facilities, equipment and staff while reducing costs and turnaround times. Sloan Foundry customers receive shipments within four days as compared to up to 90 days from overseas foundries.

In addition to developing metal casting products of all types for the commercial plumbing industry, Sloan Foundry also delivers products in the electrical and utility industries, as well as industrial.

“Partnerships are the core of Sloan Foundry,” said Sloan president Graham Allen. “We’re proud of our ability to team up with OEM companies across the world to engineer quality copper-based castings and machined parts that stand the test of time.”

Sloan Foundry is able to improve metal casting quality and optimize process conditions while reducing production costs. Its high-production, Osborn Inliner, molding unit produces 500 molds per hour of a 21” x 15” mold. Two LFB Series Laempe Core Shooter machines are on site at its 160,000 square foot facility, enabling Sloan Foundry to offer the premium solution for both semi- and fully-automatic core production. The molding and core production allows for high performance product quality with around-the-clock continuous operation. Advanced Magma modular software enables pre-production planning to insure first article approval.

Using two types of quality assurance testing – spectrographic metal control and tensile testing – Sloan Foundry confidently delivers the exact strength and integrity needed for each project and produces 60,000 pounds of CDA 84400 and CDA 83600 semi-red brass castings daily. Parts are generally less than 10 pounds, with weights as low as 0.25 pounds. Typical annual production is at least 25,000 pounds of shipments per pattern.

For more information on Sloan Foundry, visit Sloan’s website and follow Sloan on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn for additional updates.

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