Tech Startup Airzai Pivots Production to Air and Hand Sanitizers

May 18, 2020

Airzai, a tech startup that recently introduced their patent-pending smart fragrance diffuser used in homes and hotel rooms, is currently shifting production plans from their initial smart home fragrance diffuser, Airzai Aroma,  to make quality-assured hand sanitizer and Airzai Care air sanitizers for U.S. healthcare systems. Additionally, Airzai is working on setting up a production facility to ramp up production of both hand and air sanitizers and plans to donate over 10,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and air sanitizer to heavily impacted communities around U.S. in an effort to assist in providing essential resources to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Airzai is actively working with both hospitals and government officials to facilitate donations and arrange bulk orders of quality-assured sanitizers to keep up with the heightened and critical demand.

"I am truly grateful for our team who proactively responded to the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19,” said Airzai’s CEO and co-founder, Muneeb Mushtaq. “Our team worked around the clock to develop the unique and effective Airzai Care air sanitizer, and with the ever-growing demand for hand sanitizer in many communities across the U.S., we made the decision to utilize all resources to assist in the most impactful way we can by producing hand sanitizer. This is an essential resource in the fight against COVID-19, and our choice to produce locally will maintain quality standards while providing job opportunities at this critical time.”

In Early February, production of the Airzai Aroma luxury fragrance diffuser was halted as factories in China were shut down due to the pandemic, so Airzai decided to focus on a critical product that frontline organizations and communities could immediately benefit from – an air sanitizer called Airzai Care. With quick decision-making, research and development, Airzai Care was put on the market, selling fast with a portion of proceeds being donated to the UN Foundation Fund to aid in COVID-19 response.

Currently, Airzai is shifting a portion of their air sanitizer production facility to accommodate the substantial volume of hand sanitizer needed for hospital workers and patients who are in short supply. If you are a government emergency management official, first responder, healthcare worker, nonprofit employee, or are other critical personnel that is in need of hand or air sanitizer, please complete the following form to submit your request to To learn more about Airzai, visit

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