Towel Dispensers Pivot to Become More Sustainable

Towel dispenser manufacturers are answering the call to become more sustainable.

By Mackenna Moralez
September 22, 2022

Products designed to be sustainable are becoming more commonplace within healthcare facilities as more users are concerned about such issues as the effects of climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the use of paper towels in restrooms to help stop the spread of the virus. But with more people becoming comfortable being in public, facilities managers are looking for sustainable products in an effort to increase people’s comfort levels as the pandemic continues. Healthcare Facilities Today talks with towel dispenser manufacturers on the ways they are incorporating sustainable processes and materials into their products. 

How are towel dispensers becoming more sustainable? How will they eliminate paper waste? 

“To help reduce waste caused by folded paper towels, Bobrick developed the TowelMate that allows delivery of just one folded paper towel at a time. The one-towel at a time dispensing ensures all paper towels in a pack are used. Patrons cannot grab a handful of paper towels. Paper towels cannot fall through the towel dispenser opening. Single folded paper towel dispensing saves over 20 percent of paper towels used. Paper towel savings promotes sustainability. Roll paper towel dispensers eliminate wasteful dispensing of paper towels. Roll paper towel dispensers dispense a pre-set length of paper towel. Users of folded paper towel dispensers frequently grab more towels than necessary. Roll paper towel dispensers eliminate this excessive, wasteful dispensing of paper towels.” 

— Alan Gettelman, vice president – external affairs, Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. 

“Automated touchless paper towel dispensers have a number of features that help reduce paper usage and waste and advance a facility’s sustainability efforts. By dispensing a pre-set amount of product when a user waves their hand, touchless dispensers remove the potential for users to continually pump a paddle or grab a handful of unneeded folded towels. In addition, some touchless paper towel dispensers offer dual-roll technology that uses the smallest roll first to help eliminate stub roll waste. To boost sustainability even further, a smart restroom solution that monitors and helps manage dispenser levels really elevates and amplifies the benefits of touchless dispensers, taking hygiene, operational efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability to a new level.” 

— Julie Howard, vice president and general manager, GP PRO’s Towel and Napkin categories 

“Solutions like Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel deliver on less waste and lower consumption, as taking a towel is smooth and easy with its patented system that is 99 percent tab free. This system also lowers consumption and waste thanks to one-at-a-time towel dispensing. With refills that are compressed by 50 percent, facilities can reduce the number of deliveries, reducing environmental impact.” 

— Marika White, Tork Hygiene Advisor, Essity 

Mackenna Moralez is the associate editor of the facility market. 

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