Wistar Institute Case Study

January 3, 2019


The Wistar Institute, located in Philadelphia, PA, is an international leader in biomedical science, with special expertise in oncology, immunology, infectious disease and vaccine research. The institute was seeking the best method to reduce energy use in their research areas while enhancing their facility for occupants.

Aircuity Channel Partner, The Kirkman Oliver Company, worked with Jim Zaleski, Wistar’s Director of Facilities Management, to implement Aircuity into research labs and vivarium areas. A turn-key design was created in partnership with PWI Engineering and was installed as an overlay to the existing Phoenix Controls system. The Aircuity system is monitoring for volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, particulates and relative humidity then using that information to optimize the ventilation rates within the spaces. This provides a better environment for human and animal occupants, substantial energy savings and access to new information about the conditions and performance of the space. Wistar is using the data available through the MyAircuity dashboard to help with AAALAC reporting and monitoring the status of fume hood sashes. The fume hood data is then being used by personnel to the modify behavior of hood users where the sash is continually left open; increasing the energy savings.

The Wistar Institute is saving $89,000 per year through Aircuity and the project has a 4-year simple payback. The project also qualified for a custom rebate from Constellation Energy for $37,500, which further reduces the payback period to approximately 3.5 years.


Aircuity’s helped Wistar Institute:

• Save a total of $89,000 per year

• Provide a better indoor environmental quality for occupants

• Deliver information for AAALAC reporting

• Address fumehood practices in the labs


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