Z-Handle.com Releases Hands FreeDoor Pull

June 3, 2020

Z-Handle.com is proud to announce the release of a new uniquely designed (Patent pending) Hands FreeDoor Pull. This is a great alternative to touching a door handle that has been touched by others. Recent studies show one in three Americans do not wash their hands after using the bathroom.

The design of the handle is a unique Z-shape which is both easy to use and easy to install. The Z-Handle is designed to go behind the already existing base plate. The lip of the Z-Handle holds it in place. Simply loosen the existing door handle plate, slide the lip under the existing handle plate and tighten it back into place. Your wrist, forearm or even your elbow can be used to open the door.


  • Occasionally use stainless steel polish to help keep staining, discoloration and rust away. 

  • When installed outside even high-quality stainless steel, like the Z-Handle, can develop rust spots. Spots can be buffed with a fine steel wool or hand pads. Wipe and polish instantly afterwards.

  • Keep your Z-Handle sanitary by regularly cleaning it. You want to avoid bleach, chlorine or bromine based solutions.


  • The Z-Handle is made from heavy duty stainless steel. 

  • One piece construction. No welds to break or large holes to drill. 

  • Ideal for indoor, outdoor, bathroom, office, living room, restroom, kitchen etc.


✔ Safe and easy alternative to open the doors.
✔Hands never touch the door opener and remain clean.
✔ Polished and sleek design makes it a great addition to any professional building.
✔ Exclusive design that can slip under the current commercial door handle easily.                                     

✔ Used by major corporations throughout the US and liked by people who prefer to go hands free.       

✔ Ideal hands-free door opening solution. Hands never have to touch the main door handle with the Z-Handle.                                                                                                                            

✔ Designed and manufactured by experts to give you a variety of ways to use it.
✔ High quality stainless steel suited for both commercial and personal use.

Contact Details: For questions and information about the product, please contact us at:
Email: info@z-handle.com

Watch Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT_7HIzAvsU

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