Legrand Launches Wireless Networking Solution for Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management Platform

October 25, 2017

 Legrand North & Central America today announced the launch and immediate availability of a new wireless networking solution for the Wattstopper® Digital Lighting Management (DLM) platform that brings together greater levels of simplicity, scalability, and security that are unparalleled in the market.

The solution features a Wireless Network Bridge (LMBC-600) and Border Router (LMBR-600) that allows contractors to network DLM rooms together without the need for Segment Network Wire (MS/TP), simplifying room-to-room connectivity and installation, and eliminating potential start-up delays caused by wiring issues.

Utilizing industry-leading commissioning tools and user interface software, the wireless networking solution enables easy management of the entire building’s lighting system and offers demand response capability for all connected loads. Most importantly, it uses advanced security measures, and implements an independent network protected by AES 128-bit encryption that is completely separate from the customer’s IT network.

In addition, wireless networking projects can easily add Wattstopper Connected Services (RACCESS), an industry-leading enhanced first-year warranty that includes secure, remote support services and access to a dedicated DLM technical services team.  With RACCESS, remote diagnostics, programming, configuration, troubleshooting, and customer support items can all be addressed remotely and securely by Legrand’s Remote Operations Center (ROC).

The introduction of the Wireless Network Bridge ushers DLM into the Internet of Things (IoT) spotlight with the support for open standards, BACnet® IPv6 Mesh Network communication, and secure out-of-the-box wireless encryption. The wireless network bridge communicates all DLM local network data and device settings in individual rooms to a Wattstopper Network Segment Manager and/or Wattstopper LMCS software or a third party system using BACnet to enable centralized data analysis and system control. It features secure 6LoWPAN wireless communication using AES 128-bit encryption to ensure the most advanced level of security.

The Border Router manages the creation and configuration of the wireless network and provides network connectivity via wired Ethernet to a local lighting control network. Each border router can host up to 50 wireless network bridges and 400 DLM devices. The simple commissioning process makes setting up the network fast and easy. The border router also provides key information about the health of the mesh network in the form of signal quality, device status, network status, and other real-time network information. Operation management and troubleshooting is done using the LMCS software. The wireless network is transparent to the Network Segment Manager so users can easily manage and setup schedules, groups, and initiate demand response curtailment whenever desired.

“There’s been a lot of interest in our wireless capabilities for DLM since we first previewed the solution at Lightfair,” said David Dilitkanich, Director of Business Development at Legrand. “DLM is a favorite among electrical contractors because of how easy it is to install in a room.  With our wireless networking solution, we’re making it simple to network rooms together in a way that is intuitive, secure, and scalable.”’

Legrand Eliot Program

The wireless networking solution for DLM ties to the larger context of Legrand’s Eliot (Electricity + IoT) program. Eliot is a global Legrand IoT program that brings together Legrand's worldwide expertise to advance connectivity and intelligence in the built environment, mobilize Legrand’s capabilities around the world, and speed development of Legrand connected devices wherever the Internet of Things can enhance value forall users.

Products, systems, and services under Legrand’s Eliot program, adhere to three important principles:

  1. Products and solutions enhance value by simplifying usage and facilitating maintenance.
  2. They are intuitive and easy to install and operate, which is part of Legrand’s DNA.
  3. Consistent with Legrand values, Eliot products, systems, and services respect and preserve the confidentiality of user’s data.

These critical principles shape how Legrand is approaching innovation under the Eliot program.

For more information on Eliot, visit www.legrand.us/eliot.


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