Airbnb-style stays proposed to ease NHS hospital 'bed-blocking'

November 10, 2017

Airbnb-style  “care spaces” are being preposed in the UK to help recuperating patients with complete recovery and ease NHS "bed-blocking" issues, according to an article on the MIMS Today website.

The "care spaces" comes with a private bathroom, the latest equipment. Daily meals and drinks  — provided in private homes by their owners — are also included in the “package.”

Bed-blocking refers to a situation when patients who are medically fit to be discharged continue to stay at the hospital. “CareRooms,” a start-up focused on crowd sourcing “intermediate care,” recently introduced the pilot plan.

The company is recruiting hosts who are not required to have any previous care experience. Concerns over safety risks have led to an NHS hospital, which had initially been considering the trial, backing off the plan. 

Read the article.


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