m.Care Virtual Care Platform Now Supports COVID-19 Patient Monitoring

March 24, 2020

m.Care, the leading telehealth and remote patient engagement provider, announced today its COVID-19 Patient Monitoring Plan and other enhancements to its m.Care connected health platform. Working closely with healthcare providers, the platform is available for all health system patient populations: healthy, ill and at-risk.

m.Care already powers the virtual care programs for many healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and care providers, including the world's first virtual hospital, Mercy Virtual in St. Louis, Missouri.

"During these extraordinary times, the need to provide telehealth to every individual has arrived. Especially today, as we focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19, remote access to healthcare is vital," m.Care President Steve Hendrix said.

"This is an important tool, and indeed a right, for each individual to have access to care without the fear or inconvenience of needing to travel to a hospital, clinic, or urgent care facility for an evaluation or testing. With the m.Care platform, healthcare systems can provide 24/7 access for all patients. This can be especially valuable for critical and chronic care patient populations, who can be monitored and cared for at home."

"Specific to COVID-19, patients have access to online surveys to assess risk. They have access to real-time information about preventive care, symptoms, and best practices to avoid spreading the virus. For at-risk or sick individuals, monitoring equipment can be provided for round the clock care. HIPAA-compliant video calls with a patient's healthcare provider enable instant evaluations, conversations and assessments."

"Along with our healthcare system partners, we are empowering everyone with access and information, the ability to be remotely diagnosed and assigned treatment...all without having to travel and expose oneself to crowds, hospital waiting rooms, doors handles and bathrooms," Hendrix continued. For healthcare providers and systems who feel the implementation process would take a long time and be cumbersome, Mr. Hendrix explains how m.Care can rapidly deploy its platform for an entire population.

"Patient registration is quick, easy, and provides instant access to key platform components for newly onboarded individuals. The mobile platform is accessed through both IOS and Android devices, and our highly skilled technical team can provide an out of the box solution, for speed to market, and integrate with the hospital's EMR over time." https://www.linkedin.com/company/mcare-technology

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