Industry News - June 2017

Outpatient clinics finding homes in shopping malls

More providers are moving closer to potential patients


Magazine names healthcare design industry contest winners

Healthcare Design editors have selected this year’s winners of The HCD 10, an annual awards program that honors professionals across 10 categories


Size not enough for healthcare facilities in uncertain times

Houston hospital sector mostly weathered the storms but future is seen in smaller regional centers


Healthcare can see its future, and it's hi-tech

Automation can do some jobs more cheaply, safely and efficiently


Microhospitals can offer emergency care access

Houston hospital adopts two microhospitals to supplement emergency access


Healthcare bill could cost 924,000 jobs — most of them in health sector

The research said that the healthcare bill would start off by adding 864,000 jobs and growing state economies


Designing for the millennial patient

Survey shows most millennials said that in addition to having their healthcare needs met, they want to have a good experience as patients


Healthcare facility management in uncertain times

Basic principles can offer some certainty


Hospital star ratings will not be updated in July

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will not update the overall hospital quality star ratings


Concierge medicine for wealthiest patients widens healthcare divide

Elite concierge practices are booming


ERS changing to serve more elderly patients

Some healthcare facilities are creating separate, quieter emergency rooms for older patients


Patients leaning toward outpatient facilities, technology

Hospital systems have begun to shift more capital spending to outpatient facilities to provide more cost-effective and convenient settings for consumers


Healthcare takeaways from Trump budget

Budget includes $610 billion in Medicaid cuts over 10 years



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