Infection Control

Hospital-based sleep labs moving toward disposables

Shift linked to increased focus on hospital infection control


CDC back-burners nuclear war prep to focus on the flu epidemic

Briefing on preparation for nuclear war postponed


State judge denies link between forced-air warming and infection

Minnesota lawsuits that allege that the Bair Hugger forced-air warmer caused deep joint infections are dismissed


Joint Commission will now cite individual hand-hygiene failures

Hand hygiene is widely considered to be the most important intervention for preventing hospital-acquired infections


Legionnaires’ risk can't be eliminated at Illinois VA home

13 people have died of Legionnaires’ disease at Quincy healthcare facility


How hospitals safely dispose of infectious fluid waste

Proper waste disposal practices are a crucial part of a safe working environment


Oregon hospital lauded for infection-control efforts

Portland Business Journal named Samaritan Albany General Hospital the least infected facility among 61 hospitals in the state for 2016


Fresno VA facility tested for Legionnaires'

Residents, staff and visitors at the Veterans Home are getting bottled water


Recent and ongoing outbreaks listed

Regions of the United States have experienced outbreaks caused by bacteria and viruses in recent months


Most US cooling towers contain Legionella bacteria

Study finds Legionella bacteria is percent in 84 precent of towers


Remembering Ebola two years later

Are healthcare facilities prepared for another outbreak?


New Orleans healthcare facility deploys infection-fighting robots

The robots can destroy deadly pathogens and multi-drug resistant organisms


Infections are common in nursing homes, punishment is not

Repeat citations are common, fines are rare


London Hospital allows horse to visit patient before Christmas

Horse's box was parked in an ambulance bay and the horse rode the elevator up 13 floors


Spanish hospital wins battle with two superbugs

From July to October 2015, the infection control team identified a surge in cases of patients infected or colonized with OXA-48-PE or MRAB.


Belfast children's hospital cited for water safety problems

A series of failings have been uncovered at Northern Ireland's regional children's hospital


Study says thinking about germs makes people concerned about their appearance

Findings suggest that the possibility of contagion activates the 'behavioral immune system'


Nashville VA deploys germ-zapping robots

Studies have found the VA to be more aggressive at controlling infection rates than other large hospital systems


Eliminating the environment from the infection equation

Mother says she informed hospital staff of the boy's allergies


UK healthcare facility admits health and safety failing after Legionnaires death

The Royal United Hospital has admitted to a breach of law


AAP revises infection control guidelines for ambulatory settings

The guidelines include updates on issues including hand washing and cleaning and safety procedures


Dealing with C. difficile in healthcare facilities

Newer technologies include dried hydrogen peroxide


Nanotexturing on stainless steel creates bacteria-killing spikes

An electrochemical etching process creates a nanotextured surface


Communicating the importance of good laundry practices in infection control

Healthcare textiles are a common factor in virtually every patient’s experience


Infection preventionists' holiday wish list

System that encourages staff to wash their hands is on the list


Smart bathroom design can curb spread of hospital infections

Many patients contract new illnesses from pathogens they contact during a hospital stay


Vanderbilt recognized for excellence in infection prevention

VUMC is the first hospital system in the nation to receive the (APIC) Program of Distinction designation


Infectious disease response guide for hospitals published

Paper’s main goal is to develop tools and strategies for prevention and management


Study: C. diff mostly found in floor corners after disinfection

Study identifies sites where spores persist


Door alarms can limit OR foot traffic

Excessive foot traffic can send contaminates into the sterile field


Va hospital cancels elective surgeries after particles found on equipment

Inova Fairfax Hospital found sandlike particles on sterilized surgical trays and instruments


Ottawa Hospital plans new unit for preemies

The renovations and expansion will provide more space, which will allow for single rooms


Study finds copper surfaces in fitness and healthcare facilities reduce bacteria

Inova Fairfax Hospital found sandlike particles on sterilized surgical trays and instruments


Study: US hospitals' HAI risk down 22 percent

Results suggest that national efforts to prevent healthcare-associated infections are succeeding



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