Infection Control

Study says cleaning dirty sponges strengthens worst bacteria

Microwaving a sponge only kills the weak bacteria


Healthcare facility renovation linked to decline in bacteria

Researchers found a sharp but temporary decline in patient colonization with vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE)


A ‘perfect storm’ superbug worrying infection experts

Candida auris resists usual control measures


Copper in linens and surfaces can help prevent infections

Researchers found an 83 percent reduction in infections caused by Clostridium difficile


Study finds Zika unlikely to be passed by casual contact

Sharing a fork or spoon is not enough to spread the Zika virus


Colo. engineers demonstrate hospital 'germ trap'

Researchers seal off a hospital wing and adjust the existing ventilation system


Website lists waterborne pathogens more potentially dangerous than sharks

STAT published a list of waterborne pathogens with bite


Healthcare facilities can optimize infection prevention with best practices

Drones investments may be five years away


Army hospitals deploying germ-killing robots

Three new robots were recently sent to South Korea


VA probe looking into allegations of fly-infested operating room in N.H.

A top-to-bottom review of the Manchester VAMC is planned


Jury orders Olympus to pay hospital $6.6 million but rejects claims scopes are unsafe

Hospital must pay $1 million to deceased patient’s family


Healthcare laundries evolve to deal with emerging issues

Laundries competing in healthcare will need to be more professional in their operations


Black mold abatement underway at California hospital

Palm Drive Health Care District to pay for remodeling costs of Sonoma West Medical Center


Glasgow hospital lauded for hygiene turnaround

Previous inspections at Hairmyres Hospital found issues


Better cleaning and fewer antibiotics are cutting C. diff rates

Many healthcare facilities implemented stricter cleaning and infection control protocols


Stanford Hospital union issues a cautionary tale

Workers claimed that healthcare system had high rates of healthcare-associated infections due to inadequate staffing and training


Infection rates key in Stanford Hospital, union conflict

SEIU says hospital's poor infection control practices jeopardize safety


Study says bacteria adhesion does not depend on contact area size

Despite their spherical shape, the bacteria cannot be described as hard spheres when they interact with a surface


Specific environmental strategies needed in infection control

World Health Organization offers first-ever priority pathogens list


Healing from under your feet

How resilient flooring is helping fight hospital-associated infections


Hand and surface cleanliness support prevention of cross contamination

Frequently touched surfaces can collect infectious pathogens


HAI reduction program developed to support environmental services

Hospital improves infection control by educating housekeeping


Self-cleaning touch points can support infection control

Powered by light, the self-cleaning surface use mineral nanocrystals to create an oxidation reaction


New hospital hit by mold

Mold was found in a ward of the new Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong


Healthcare facility design can impact infection control

Environmental services should participate in the design process


Surface touch frequency & hand hygiene in the patient zone

A closer look at surface contamination and compliance rates


Study says recurring C. diff infections up 189% from 2001 to 2012

Findings indicate multiple recurring C. diff infections place an increased burden on healthcare system


Heater-cooler contamination found to be more common than previously believed

Devices have been linked to a number of infections


Study says that understanding how microbes interact with hospital surfaces is key to infection control

Previously, few studies focused on the hospital room microbiome and whether the data might affect room cleaning


Study says even clean hands can transmit MRSA in the NICU

Hospitals urged to not rely on hand hygiene alone for protecting patients


Better cleaning contributes to fall in C. diff rates

Healthcare facilities are adopting stricter cleaning standards


Best surface cleaning options depends on many factors

Whole-room disinfection robots may be part of best practices for outpatient facility


Canadian hospitals may have exposed 1,307 patients to hepatitis B and C

Some diabetic patients were potentially exposed during individual insulin training sessions


Cutting infection risk in high-traffic areas

Public spaces contain her own infection-risk issues


The truth about disinfectant contact time

More providers are moving closer to potential patients


Study says healthcare facilities need pet therapy guidelines to limit infection

Without proper policies, pet associated infection risks may outweigh any benefits


Patients at Md. medical center may be infected by improperly cleaned equipment

A piece of the endoscopy equipment had a defect that may have prevented it from being properly disinfected


Adding a UV disinfection system to a healthcare cleaning routine

There are specific steps to creative an effective system


U.S. Airmen may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis due to contaminated scopes

135 patients were treated with improperly sterilized endoscopes at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar


Study finds airborne pathogens live for 45 minutes

Queensland researchers have developed technique to study how some pathogens can spread


Widow sues Olympus over scope-related superbug outbreak

Case is the first to go to trial in the U.S. stemming from a series of superbug outbreaks


Tailored veterans home infection control cuts MRSA

Program led to a 64 percent reduction during first year


Louisiana VA hospital cited for improper cleaning

OIG investigated the hospital's compounding pharmacy


C. auris cases now number 156

The CDC raised case count from 122


Two Legionnaires' case linked to hot tub at Florida senior facility

A third individual who showed signs of Legionnaires' disease later died, but his tests for the disease were negative


Hospital floors are critical areas when it comes to cleaning

In rooms with a C. diff patient, floors were more likely to be contaminated with any of the three pathogens


Deadly bacteria found in 37 percent of tested heater-cooler devices

CDC recommends hospitals notify patients who have had open-heart surgery in the last five years


Study: Copper-impregnated surface has 80 percent reduction of contamination

The study examined the amount of microbial contamination on overbed tables


Exam room cleaning is crucial

Nosocomial infections can occur at a doctor’s exam room



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