Infection Control

Study finds airborne pathogens live for 45 minutes

Queensland researchers have developed technique to study how some pathogens can spread


Widow sues Olympus over scope-related superbug outbreak

Case is the first to go to trial in the U.S. stemming from a series of superbug outbreaks


Tailored veterans home infection control cuts MRSA

Program led to a 64 percent reduction during first year


Louisiana VA hospital cited for improper cleaning

OIG investigated the hospital's compounding pharmacy


C. auris cases now number 156

The CDC raised case count from 122


Two Legionnaires' case linked to hot tub at Florida senior facility

A third individual who showed signs of Legionnaires' disease later died, but his tests for the disease were negative


Hospital floors are critical areas when it comes to cleaning

In rooms with a C. diff patient, floors were more likely to be contaminated with any of the three pathogens


Deadly bacteria found in 37 percent of tested heater-cooler devices

CDC recommends hospitals notify patients who have had open-heart surgery in the last five years


Study: Copper-impregnated surface has 80 percent reduction of contamination

The study examined the amount of microbial contamination on overbed tables


Exam room cleaning is crucial

Nosocomial infections can occur at a doctor’s exam room


Scope cleaning and sterilization processes leave instruments contaminated

Study finds sterilization process leaves instruments contaminated with debris, residue and bacteria


APIC 2017 Film Festival winner highlights hand hygiene

Providence Health & Services Alaska as the winner of its seventh annual competition announced


Interior design choices can support infection prevention

Style must be balanced with ease of cleaning


Antiseptic manufacturers help make sense of FDA rules

The American Cleaning Institute will help infection control experts understand the pending Food and Drug Administration decision


Study says removing sinks from ICU cuts bacterial colonization

'Water-free' patient care can reduce the number of ICU patients colonized with gram-negative bacteria


Whitepaper offers guidance on choosing the right disinfectant

"Researching the Right Disinfectant for Your Facility: Without Damaging Instruments or Surfaces" available on Infection Control Today website


Calif. hospital closes surgical unit after mold is found in sink

Healthcare facility has no way to sterilize equipment


Two infants develop Legionnaires' following water births

Two infants delivered in Arizona were diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease in early 2016


Study examines disinfectants effect on C. diff

Researchers compare effectiveness of four products


Too many Legionnaires' cases start in healthcare facilities, CDC says

After hotels, long-term care facilities and hospitals are the most common types of buildings associated with Legionnaires


Focusing on surface contact in hand hygiene

The fifth moment of The World Health Organization's Five Moments for Hand Hygiene is the most overlooked


Infection control in longterm care facilities

A proposed rule would make major changes to improve the care and safety in longterm care facilities or nursing homes that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs


Creating a superior washroom experience

Washrooms play a critical role in driving a positive perception of healthcare facilities


Cool water as effective as hot for hand washing

New study found that cool water removes the same amount of harmful bacteria


Yearlong survey tracks bacterial diversity in new hospital

Study focuses on the flow of microbes between patients, staff and surfaces


Healthcare facilities review plans in response to Congo Ebola outbreak

Experts say healthcare providers should review their Ebola response plans now to avoid repeating past mistakes


Hospital cleaning budget cuts blamed for superbug outbreak

The hospital has been forced to dramatically increase its cleaning budget


Former maintenance employee speaks out against N.C. senior facility living conditions

Complaints allege presence of mold, mildew and bed bugs


Model to stop superbugs may not be working

MRSA outbreak has experts rethinking strategy


C. diff-contaminated areas can increase infection risk

Risk increases when a patient is in an area previously occupied by someone with a Clostridium difficile infection


John Oliver report alleges DaVita infection control issues

DaVita called dialysis factory where infection control procedures are skipped and patients are rushed on and off machines, sometimes before the process is complete


DC VA sited for stained, missing surgical equipment

Surgery had to be halted at the Veterans Affairs hospital after probe


More than quarter of nursing home residents colonized with MDR bacteria

A systematic review and meta-analysis revealed a high colonization rate of 27 percent among residents


CDC study finds most cooling towers test positive for Legionella

Reported cases of Legionnaires' increased by 286 percent between the year 2000 and 2014


Auditing medical-device reprocessing key

Adherence to sterilization and disinfection best practices ensures patient safety


Nursing students say they need additional infection prevention education

Nearly 40 percent of respondents believed they needed more training


Hospital investigators, CDC disagree over source of deadly mold

Mold responsible for the deaths of seven patients at University of Pittsburgh hospitals


Paper sanitizers can curb bacteria

Metallized paper can sanitize surfaces with 10 seconds of treatment


Redesigning the sterile reprocessing room

Minnesota hospital makes department more staff-friendly


'Superbug' fungus emerging in N.Y. region

Two of the three kinds of commonly used antifungal drugs have little effect


Surface selection can support infection control efforts

Healthcare facilities' environmental services staff can be challenged by poor surface choices


Pa. healthcare facility deep cleaning after bedbugs found

Dementia patients moved during fumigation of unit


World Hand Hygiene Day focuses on antibiotic resistance

May 5 highlights the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare


Key facts on C. auris fungus

C. auris was found on tested nurses' hands


Infection control has silver bullet

Silver has been used to fight infections since ancient times


UPMC sued again for mold infection issue

Case is the seventh involving patients who died after contracting mold infections at UPMC hospitals


Biofilm study found high contamination rates on dry hospital surfaces

Researchers collected samples from the hospitals after environmental cleaning procedures were done


Virginia healthcare facility undergoes deep clean after bacterial infection outbreak

Six patients were infected with extended spectrum beta lactamase-producing Klebsiella



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