Infection Control

C. diff-contaminated areas can increase infection risk

Risk increases when a patient is in an area previously occupied by someone with a Clostridium difficile infection


John Oliver report alleges DaVita infection control issues

DaVita called dialysis factory where infection control procedures are skipped and patients are rushed on and off machines, sometimes before the process is complete


DC VA sited for stained, missing surgical equipment

Surgery had to be halted at the Veterans Affairs hospital after probe


More than quarter of nursing home residents colonized with MDR bacteria

A systematic review and meta-analysis revealed a high colonization rate of 27 percent among residents


CDC study finds most cooling towers test positive for Legionella

Reported cases of Legionnaires' increased by 286 percent between the year 2000 and 2014


Auditing medical-device reprocessing key

Adherence to sterilization and disinfection best practices ensures patient safety


Nursing students say they need additional infection prevention education

Nearly 40 percent of respondents believed they needed more training


Hospital investigators, CDC disagree over source of deadly mold

Mold responsible for the deaths of seven patients at University of Pittsburgh hospitals


Paper sanitizers can curb bacteria

Metallized paper can sanitize surfaces with 10 seconds of treatment


Redesigning the sterile reprocessing room

Minnesota hospital makes department more staff-friendly


'Superbug' fungus emerging in N.Y. region

Two of the three kinds of commonly used antifungal drugs have little effect


Surface selection can support infection control efforts

Healthcare facilities' environmental services staff can be challenged by poor surface choices


Pa. healthcare facility deep cleaning after bedbugs found

Dementia patients moved during fumigation of unit


World Hand Hygiene Day focuses on antibiotic resistance

May 5 highlights the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare


Key facts on C. auris fungus

C. auris was found on tested nurses' hands


Infection control has silver bullet

Silver has been used to fight infections since ancient times


UPMC sued again for mold infection issue

Case is the seventh involving patients who died after contracting mold infections at UPMC hospitals


Biofilm study found high contamination rates on dry hospital surfaces

Researchers collected samples from the hospitals after environmental cleaning procedures were done


Virginia healthcare facility undergoes deep clean after bacterial infection outbreak

Six patients were infected with extended spectrum beta lactamase-producing Klebsiella


Legionella risk management in cooling towers for protective care

Hospital buildings have multiple complex water systems, and since many people staying in hospitals already have a suppressed immune system due to illness, it greatly increases their risk for Legionella infection


Anesthesia machine cover designed for OR infection control

Anesthesia machines may pose risk for exposure to pathogens


DMC Children’s Hospital passes follow-up investigation

Michigan healthcare facility no longer in danger of losing federal funding


Finding pest activity in healthcare facilities

Environmental services departments need to be aware when pests are present


Infection control 'partnerships' spark concern that industry is leading science

Experts say we need to be sure that these practices and products are better and not just creating potential for further resistance


MRSA outbreak at UC Irvine hospital undisclosed for months

Outbreak sickened 10 critically ill infants over eight months


DC VA inspection reveals dirty sterile storage

$150 million in unaccounted for items and unavailable supplies was also found


Site-specific pest management plan recommended

An integrated pest management plan can deal with pest issues before they become problems


Conducting effective infection control surveillance

Infection preventionists urged to 'pick their battles'


Robot disinfects ORs in two minutes

Abbreviated cycle time found to be enough for between-case surface cleaning


Fighting Candida auris fungal infection

Cases of rare yeast superbug are on the rise


Surprise inspection finds improper linen storage at Pittsburgh healthcare facility

Inspection of UPMC Shadyside hospital also revealed ventilation problems


Md. hospital NICU reopens after investigation of Pseudomonas bacteria

The hospital invested more than $500,000 in a new water-treatment system


Roaches found (again) in New Orleans care facility

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals previously reported problems


Study says clean scopes can sit for more than two weeks

Current guidelines say time should be limited to 14 days


Linen storage issues found at UPMC Shadyside

Surprise inspection uncovered clean and soiled linens were not stored according to standards


System uses bacteria to purify water

A University of British Columbia-developed system that uses bacteria to turn non-potable water into drinking water


Hygiene matters on World Health Day and beyond

Good hygiene is a joint effort that depends on hospital administrators and environmental services staff


Pa. healthcare facility cited for using dirty scope

Crozer-Chester Medical Center allowed an improperly cleaned endoscope to be used in a surgical procedure


Detroit hospitals submit correction plans after inspection

CMS conducted an unannounced inspection at three Detroit Medical Center hospitals in January


Hospital installs bacteria-fighting operating room light fixtures

Lights reduce harmful bacteria, including MRSA and C-diff, up to 70% beyond routine disinfection


Biopesticide could defeat bed bugs' insecticide resistance

New compound is based on Beauveria bassiana, a natural fungus that causes disease in insects


Day-specific colored bedding used to improve hygiene

Color-coding can help ensure a sanitation plan is followed


Cutting risk of water-borne infections

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering suggests 10 steps to combat Legionella and other pathogens


Tips for buying a whole-room disinfection system for an outpatient environment

Whole-room disinfection systems don't replace traditional cleaning methods


Course offered on planning for biosafety environments

Course aims to revolutionize the design, construction, management and delivery of environments where infectious disease needs to be controlled


Commercial laundries lauded for safety

Op-ed says commercial laundries serve hospitals safely and effectively


Topeka VA battling bed bugs

Patients from the psychiatric recovery and wellness program on the building's first floor were relocated


Kansas healthcare facility hires infection-fighting robot

Olathe Medical Center uses ultraviolet light to disinfect hospital rooms


Few nursing homes use isolation procedures to control superbugs' spread

Skipping isolation precautions may place other residents at risk



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