Infection Control

Debunking the assumptions around proper hand hygiene

Hand hygiene in healthcare involves not only washing hands with soap and water, but also the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers


Dirty floors, kitchens found at Colorado veterans hospital

The inspections also found two doors in a mental health treatment facility were found unlocked and the alarms were not turned on


Scandal-plagued hospital's cleaners claim hygiene standards dropping under new contractor

Since the hospital in Edmonton, North London, changed its cleaning firm in June, ten porters' jobs have been cut


New textile disinfects itself

Material is designed to be used on hospital doors instead of the traditional aluminum door plate


Drones studied for infection control possibilities

Technology may help with baby monitoring, remote health checks


CMS requirement addresses Legionnaires' Disease control in longterm care facilities

Nineteen percent of all Legionnaires' disease outbreaks are longterm-care-related


CDC offers advice on controlling spread of superbug fungus

The multidrug-resistant yeast is transmitted in healthcare settings


Environmental service workers called unsung heroes of healthcare

Proper cleaning of surfaces is key to infection control


Study looks at potential infection spread from floor to hands

Analysis of 318 floor samples revealed floor contamination was common, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Best practices for laundering of healthcare textiles

Proper laundering and handling are key to maintaining hygienically-clean healthcare fabrics


Despite known best practices, hospital cybersecurity programs still lacking

Tradeoffs with data accessibility and portability make it almost impossible fully protect against attacks


Terminal cleaning best practices evolve

High-tech tools have armed facilities with new weapons to kill pathogens


D.C. hospital's sewage leaks seldom result in major penalties

MedStar Washington Hospital Center is under investigation by the D.C. health department for recent sewage leaks


Compatibility and infection control: Balancing cleaning demands with chemical profiles

MedStar Washington Hospital Center is under investigation by the D.C. health department for recent sewage leaks


Where healthcare laundry and infection prevention meet

A healthcare facility infection preventionist must navigate the intersection where healthcare laundry and infection prevention come together


New Orleans hospital patient infections linked to contaminated heater-cooler

Twelve patients at Children's Hospital in New Orleans contract rare SSI


Montana hospital water tests positive for legionella

The test was prompted after a patient tested positive for the bacteria


Study says separating septic, aseptic operating areas unnecessary

No relevant differences were seen microbial concentration in the environmental air between septic and aseptic procedures


Bacteria stays on scrubs even with antibacterial fabrics

New research shows hospital scrubs can easily be contaminated


Harvey floodwaters carry high levels of E coli, toxins

Precautions needed when returning to flooded buildings, public health experts said


Specific environmental strategies needed in infection control

World Health Organization offers first-ever priority pathogens list


Microbicidal paint used in George healthcare facility oncology unit

The microbicidal properties were attractive given the compromised immune system of the patient population


Germicidal technologies reduce hospital airborne pathogens

UV-C technologies can contribute to strategies for reducing HAIs and ARMs without adding to their resistance to medicinal treatments


Guidance issued for emerging fungal threat

An increasing number of cases has affected 55 hospitals so far in the U.K.


Study: Wipes more effective against C. difficile

Researchers from the Netherlands find wipes are better than sprays


Hospital criticized for fox extermination plan

U.K. hospital maternity unit has contacted pest control to remove foxes near building


Patient given bloody wheelchair at N.Y. hospital

St. Luke's Hospital in Newburgh is investigating the incident



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