Information Technology

Hospital room of the future includes IoT

IoT can create drastic improvement in hospital care


Multi-modal communications platform keeps affected users Informed during IT crises

How an academic medical center manages a campus-wide crises


Insiders, hackers causing most recent healthcare breaches

The healthcare sector has reported 233 breach incidents this year so far


Cybercriminals may be planning a new type of attack on healthcare

There is a possibility of direct manipulation of patient data


Virtual assistants could change the way healthcare is delivered

Amazon's Alexa can give medical advice and look up and recite clinical information


Interoperability is the heart of care coordination

As of 2015, 75% of hospitals have at least a basic EHR, a major increase from 9% less than a decade ago


The future of health intelligent virtual assistant market

Speech recognition technology to gain prominence over 2017-2024


Children's healthcare records especially vulnerable to cyber attacks

The healthcare industry may be more vulnerable to cyberattacks because of the wide variety of data


Wyoming healthcare facility among those affected by phone, internet outage

Outage caused by cut fiber optic cable about four miles north of Casper


Washington 'virtual hospital' provides second set of eyes on patients

CHI Franciscan's Clinical Operations Center in Tacoma monitors regional health system


The ABC of FHIR: Reinventing interoperability

FHIR was created with keeping the complexity and the sheer amount of healthcare data in mind and it takes a new, web-based approach to connecting discrete data elements


Wired hospitals using technology to drive efficiency

Health Care's Most Wired survey suggests there's room to further integrate systems


Wisconsin healthcare facilities affected by global ransomware attack

International cyberattack is having an effect on medical facilities here in Northeast Wisconsin


Bringing robust bandwidth support to a retirement community

The technology had to support 500+ residents with Wi-Fi-enabled Internet, and the behind-the-scenes patient management systems


Healthcare facilities seeking their own 'Alexa' app

Voice recognition technology could save time, lives



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