Information Technology

Navigating challenges while implementing strategy

Data-driven metrics coupled with an understanding of the more nuanced aspects of planning are essential to achieving the goals outlined in a complex strategy


The Triple S reinventing healthcare: Speed, scalability & space

The future of Big Data is promising — the analytics market in healthcare is projected to grow from $7 billion in 2016 to $24 billion in the next five years


Technology trends dominating healthcare

IT will dominate the landscape for the foreseeable future


Toronto hospital installing new encryption security tech

The strategy is designed to protect the exchange of data as well as sensitive data at rest


Benefits of digital signage in healthcare

Digital signage within the healthcare facility can improve the patient, visitor and staff experience


St. Bernards Cancer Center: Major referral hospital gets major makeover

MD-10 aircraft outfitted as mobile teching hospital


Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

MD-10 aircraft outfitted as mobile teching hospital


HHS offers hurricane preparation guidance

Health information management is among the topics covered


Tokyo hospital tracks equipment via RFID-enabled shelving

The technology identifies stock levels at each of its wards in real time


Three reasons telehealth is revolutionizing outpatient recovery

A comprehensive transition program, which utilizes telehealth to engage patients as well as their respective caregivers, can help reduce readmissions


Why real-time ADT messages are the revolution of care management

ADT messages are lately becoming the cornerstone in care management as the go-to source of data, holding a wealth of valuable information that can affect point-of-care decisions


Healthcare system launches app to support wayfinding

Kaleida Health app helps patients make it to their appointments on time


Healthcare system launches virtual appointment effort

'Video Visit' expands on Aurora’s telemedicine offerings


Stronger security and disaster planning sending healthcare to the cloud

Experts say cloud platforms can be more secure than managed data centers


Keys to a healthcare cybersecurity strategy

Naming a CISO and maintaining a separate budget are two of the crucial elements


How the burning FHIR affects healthcare organizations

With the boon of digitization in healthcare, care delivery became faster and easier, but interoperability got lost somewhere in this revolution


Hospitals urged to cooperate to beat hackers

Security frameworks and threat intelligence sharing already exist


Survey shows few hospitals are keeping up with consumer expectations

Only 8 percent of healthcare organizations are applying successful practices to meet these new expectations


IT and clinical engineering convergence. Why now? How?

Today’s medical devices and biomedical/clinical engineering (CE) departments are increasingly dependent upon a health system’s IT infrastructure and expertise.



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