Information Technology

Healthcare facilities seeking their own 'Alexa' app

Voice recognition technology could save time, lives


Pew urges Congress to reject ONC budget cuts

ONC needs more than the $38 million allocated to advance interoperability, EHR usability and patient safety, group says


Preventing ransomware attacks in healthcare facilities

Simple steps can help protect from cyber threats


How to deal with ransomware

Ransomware seen as a symptom rather than the problem


HHS says healthcare cybersecurity in 'critical condition'

A cybersecurity task force report included list of vulnerabilities


How cloud-based asset management became essential to efficient healthcare operations

One of the cornerstones of modern healthcare management is the enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that keeps track of all the moving pieces and ensures that mission-critical equipment and technology are functioning and available when they’re needed


The end of net neutrality will impact healthcare

Telehealth, cloud-based EHRs and remote monitoring connectivity could all be affected


Patients leaning toward outpatient facilities, technology

Hospital systems have begun to shift more capital spending to outpatient facilities to provide more cost-effective and convenient settings for consumers


Healthcare IoT comes with ethical considerations

Healthcare IoT devices generate volumes of data about the health and lifestyle of users


Healthcare facility's faulty video system helped lead to suit by deaf patients

Two deaf patients won the right to sue Baptist Health South Florida for discrimination


U.S. medical devices hit for first time by recent global ransomeware attack

WannaCry ransomware affected some Bayer medical devices


Enhancing the patient experience through building automation technology

Partnership optimizes efficiency to enhance the care and comfort of patients, visitors, and staff at Watson Clinic in Central Florida


Healthcare facilities struggle with patch management to block cyberattacks

Workforce shortages and patch management issues came to the fore after WannaCry attacks


Point of care ecosystem – Greater connectivity improves BP measurement accuracy

A connected point of care ecosystem also protects the quality of the measurement data by virtually eliminating the risk of human error at the keyboard


The right communication can improve patient satisfaction

Infographic charts key patient touchpoints


Countries still working to deal with widespread hacking

Officials in nearly 100 countries raced last weekend to contain one of the biggest cybersecurity attacks in recent history


Future healthcare facilities will not have patients in them, IT expert says

The use of future tech will mean clinicians are monitoring and responding to patients remotely


IoT expected to disrupt healthcare

Most surveyed healthcare execs say the Internet of Things could shake up healthcare in the next three years


Huge healthcare facility relies on healthcare virtualization

Dallas hospital credits technology with better patient experience, improved security and saving time


Healthcare needs IF security talent

Nowhere is the lack of information security professionals more pressing than in the medical industry



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