Armstrong Ceilings Expands Portfolio of Exposed Structure Designs

November 29, 2017

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions offers an expanded portfolio of acoustical solutions that maintain the design integrity of exposed structure environments and integrate acoustical panels to control noise.

Whether making a design statement that puts acoustical materials front and center, or opting for a more open, exposed structure look with a direct attach solution, Armstrong Ceilings offers hundreds of options to help designers get the look they want while reducing noise, the number one complaint in open structure spaces.

Spotlight Acoustics Options 

The expanded portfolio of exposed structure designs includes a variety of Spotlight™ acoustic solutions that are suspended below the deck, including dozens of blades, baffles, clouds, and canopies that reduce noise and visually define a space. Spotlight acoustic options include SoundScapes® Blades™, MetalWorks™ Blades – Classics™, and Tectum® Blades vertical panels; Soundsoak® and Tectum Baffles; SoundScapes Shapes and Formations™ Clouds; Tectum Shapes and Clouds; MetalWorks and WoodWorks® Canopies; and Serpentina® Waves.

When installed in a way that covers 5-to-50 percent of the deck, acoustic solutions such as canopies, clouds, baffles or blades significantly reduce reverberation time in exposed structure spaces because they absorb sound from all sides of the panels. In large, open environments where speech privacy is not a key requirement, these types of solutions provide both acoustics and aesthetics for exposed structure designs.

Direct-To-Deck Acoustic Options 

The expanded portfolio also includes InvisAcoustics™ Basics ceiling panels, a new product designed specifically for exposed structure spaces. The new acoustic solution maintains the integrity of exposed structure designs while reducing noise. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75, InvisAcoustics Basics ceiling panels absorb 75 percent of the sound that strikes them. The panels attach directly to the deck of an exposed structure space and can be field painted to match the deck, maintaining their acoustical and fire performance properties while virtually disappearing in the ceiling.

Other direct-to-deck acoustic solutions include Capz™ and Tectum® panels, plus a new direct-attach option for SoundScapes Blades vertical panels giving designers the flexibility to attach the panels directly to decks, ceilings, or walls.

To view the diverse range of standard and custom ceiling solutions Armstrong Ceilings offers for exposed structure spaces, visit There you can view a new online brochure, “Acoustical Design: Exposed Structure Spaces,” that compares the acoustical performance of each product and provides recommendations for the square-foot coverage each product needs to reduce reverberation times to Good, Better, and Best levels for creating quieter spaces. You can also get a customized reverberation time report for your project.

For more information about Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions, visit, chat live, or call a U.S.-based TechLine™ expert at 1-800-276-7876

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